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The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor podcast has undergone a transformation and we are now thrilled to introduce you to the new name, “The Property Trio” and new member, Mike Mortlock of MCG Quantity Surveyors!

With a fresh new look, a brand new name and a new musketeer, we’re excited to bring you even more insightful discussions, expert tips and market updates on all things property.

Welcome to Australia’s fiercely independent property podcast, where you are provided with the rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall and listen to three pioneers of the property industry, each with diverse areas of expertise in Property Planning, Buying and Quantity Surveying.

Residential property is the only asset class we live in, it is where we raise our families, and it is our most expensive investment, yet property advice remains unregulated. Our objective is to educate time poor professionals through deep insights from our experts who have provided thousands of Australians with personalised advice and education spanning two decades. In a climate where we are overloaded with information and one size fits all recommendations from the media, well meaning friends and family and so-called advisers, we will distill the raw truth from the ill-informed.

So join the Property Planner, David Johnston, The Property Buyer, Cate Bakos and the Quantity Surveyor, Mike Mortlock as they take you on a journey of discovery through the maze of property, mortgage and money decisions to empower you to create your ideal lifestyle!


Ep #263: Strategies for Early Homeownership, Passing on Money Management Wisdom and Teaching Financial Independence

  • Discover how the right mindset can make or break your child’s financial future as Dave dives into this crucial topic.
  • Learn why more first homebuyers are entering the market and what factors are driving this exciting trend.
  • Uncover the secrets behind the spikes in first homebuyer activity during the GFC and COVID recovery, thanks to targeted government incentives.
  • Join the Trio on a nostalgic journey through the various first homebuyer incentives introduced since the GFC.
  • Find out why some incentives might not be as beneficial as they seem, creating a false economy for eager buyers.
  • Explore the potential pitfalls of parental generosity with Cate, from lack of appreciation to relationship challenges.
  • Get inspired by Cate’s innovative strategy for her daughter’s property deposit savings, featuring a mix of inheritance and savvy investments.
  • Relive the valuable financial lessons the Trio learned from their parents and how these can inspire the next generation.
  • Discover creative ways parents can give their kids a leg up, from paying for property planning to becoming a guarantor.
  • Explore non-financial ways to support your children, including offering housing, helping with property searches, and providing a listening ear.

Ep 263 Show Notes

Ep #262: Market Update May 24 – Perth Surges, Brisbane Now 2nd Priciest City for Houses & All Dwellings, Passing Melbourne & Canberra, & Much More!

  1. Perth’s Sizzling Market: Perth is on fire with another 2% surge! Could this rapid growth continue for another 12 months? The Trio dives into Perth’s unique market cycles and draws a comparison with another capital city, tune in to find out which!
  2. Brisbane’s Big Win: Brisbane’s median rockets past Canberra to become the second priciest city for All Dwellings, reclaiming a position it hasn’t held since 1997! Brisbane also outpaces Melbourne’s median for Houses, which hasn’t been seen since 2008.
  3. Adelaide’s Star Performance: Adelaide is shining bright, maintaining its strong momentum. Is this city the new darling of the property market? Find out what’s fueling Adelaide’s impressive streak.
  4. Rental Market Revolution: Perth’s rental market defies the odds with strong growth despite a flood of investors. Plus, learn how Hobart and Canberra’s rental trends are shifting with the return of global travel.
  5. Buyer Frenzy: New listings are up, but total listings are down – and buyers are snapping up properties faster than ever. Explore the intense demand and what it means for your next move.
  6. Interest Rate Insights: Bond yields and GDP growth reveal clues about future interest rates. Will we see rate cuts soon and what are money markets expecting rates to do in the long-term? The Trio unpacks the financial forecasts and what they mean for property investors.
  7. Lending Surprises: Lending indicators are up, except for construction. Discover how investors are navigating the market and making bold moves despite the challenges with higher interest rates.
  8. Melbourne’s Market Mysteries: Melbourne shows signs of life, but what’s really happening under the surface? Has Melbourne given the template on how to stifle property growth? We’re looking at you, land tax.

Ep 262 Show Notes

Ep #261: Recovering from Buying a Lemon – How to Revive Your Property Journey, Stage of Life Considerations & Market Cycle Management

  • Houses vs. Apartments: Mike and Cate debate which option might be better for Daniela’s family, given their budget and future plans.
  • Market Cycles and Timing: Dave highlights the unfortunate timing of their Perth purchase and discusses the cyclical nature of property markets.
  • Simultaneous Sales and Purchases: From managing the sale of their Perth home to strategizing their Melbourne purchase, Dave covers critical elements buyers need to consider.
  • Location Impact: Why Melbourne’s property market is more resilient compared to Perth, and what this means for their future.
  • Stage of Life Considerations: Cate emphasizes the importance of aligning property plans with their life stage and future needs.
  • Land to Asset Ratio: Understanding why house and land packages often underperform and how this affected their Perth investment.

Ep 261 Show Notes

Ep #260: Celebrating 5 Years of The Property Trio – Our Journey and Favourite Property, Mortgage and Money Insights 

  • The Trio celebrate by picking some of their favourite snippets and gold from the early days for you to enjoy! 
  • Ever wondered why we don’t invite guests? The Trio dives into the unique approach of keeping it just the three of us, making it a bit more challenging but rewarding. 
  • The Trio reflect on the journey, from recording marathons in Camberwell to pivoting to Zoom during the pandemic, our process has evolved significantly. 
  • The Trio discuss how our monthly market updates became a crucial part of the show, especially during uncertain times. 
  • Listener questions have been a game-changer, and we’ve answered around 50 since we started – keep them coming! 
  • We thank our listeners for all of your support and the wonderful stories about how our podcast has helped you. 
  • A huge thank you to Jamie, Anne-Marie, and Jadie for all their behind-the-scenes help. 

Ep 260 Show Notes

Ep #259 – Home Building & Development Project Perils: Tackling Escalating Expenses, Development Finance, Project Overruns & Their Cascading Impacts

  • Planning, Building & Environmental Issues: The Trio discuss the challenges that can threaten to pump the breaks on your build or renovation. 
  • Flow-on Effects of Delays: Mike explains the ripple effects of planning and building delays, from over-capitalisation to council orders and materials surcharges. 
  • Stress Management for Renovators: Dave shares practical tips to help avoid common stressors during the renovation process. 
  • Contractual Details & Cashflow: How well do you know the ins and outs of milestone payments, additional costs, and cashflow considerations? The Trio offer essential advice. 
  • Importance of the Planning Phase: Did you know 60% of defects occur at the design phase? Mike highlights critical elements often overlooked in design. 
  • Construction vs. Traditional Lending: Dave unpacks the differences between traditional property lending and construction lending, emphasising the importance of construction lending experience to find the right solution for your needs.  
  • As-If Completion Valuation: Learn about this critical process and the role of a Quantity Surveyor during the build process.  

Ep 259 Show Notes

Ep #258 – Market Update April 24 – Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth Juggernauts Continue, Unit Demand Rises, Federal Budget Rental Relief & Trajectory for Interest Rates

  • The Trio delve into the Federal budget, shedding light on the lack of new property initiatives and the impact of Federal Rental relief. With the election on the horizon, what could these moves mean for the property market? 
  • Brisbane sees the pace of gains slow, easing below the 1% mark for the first time in 12 months. The Trio discuss affordability pressures which are seemingly rearing their ugly head.  
  • Perth, the perennial performer, hit 2% on growth over April, coming to a stellar 21.1% annual growth. Is there any slowdown in sight? 
  • Stagnation persists in Melbourne, but are investors seeing hidden value? 
  • Discover why unit values are outpacing houses in every capital city bar Hobart. 
  • After 10 months of capital cities performing ahead of regions, the regions are now slightly overtaking the capitals, with 0.8% growth posted over April vs capitals 0.6%. The trio discuss if a new norm is emerging between capital cities and regions.  
  • Although rental growth is tapering, demand remains high. The Trio ponder if rental growth and inflation will spike again with new commonwealth rental assistance? 
  • The rate of new listings is remarkably normal in relation to the past 5-year average. However, total listings tell a different story. Demand is exceeding supply, and older listings, particularly units, are being quickly snapped up by buyers. The Trio explores the drivers behind this trend 
  • The RBA holds off again on a rate cut and the Trio discuss the potential for an increase looming.  

Ep 258 Show Notes

Ep #257 – The Comprehensive Guide to Townhouses – Performance, Selection, Property Planning and Development Projects

  • Cate unravels the technical definition of a townhouse, shedding light on key distinctions from apartments, especially in terms of land ownership. 
  • Ever wondered how townhouses stack up against traditional houses in the property market? 
  • Mike poses a tough question about performance comparisons, but as Cate explains, it’s all about the specifics—think prestigious locales and scenic water views! 
  • Dave dives into the risks of ‘off the plan’ purchases and what you can do if title registration delays threaten your move-in plans.  
  • The Trio discuss a potential lifesaver—a license agreement. 
  • We delve into what developers seek to maximise profits and the common pitfalls in medium-density developments.  
  • For those considering a development, Dave explores the intricacies of developer finance. 

Ep 257 Show Notes

Ep #256 – Property Investor and Taxpayer Insights from the ATO Unveiled – Exploring the Shifting Sands of the Property Investment Landscape

  • Discover which suburbs are leading in income statistics, with residents earning almost 4 times the national average. What does this mean for property investors? The answers might surprise you! 
  • Why have tax returns lodged seen such a significant increase since 2007? SMSF‘s might have something to do with this. Learn about the trends that are shaping the future of investing. 
  • Owning your home and planning for retirement has never been more critical. The trio discusses the pivotal moments in superannuation history and what it means from an employer’s angle. 
  • Explore who really shoulders the bulk of the income tax in Australia. The stats are startling, and the implications are vast. Join us to find out more about the income brackets and what this means for future tax reforms. 
  • Hear Dave’s take on the controversial issue of bracket creep and what changes might be on the horizon. 
  • Cate teases some shifts in net rental losses and intriguing stats about property ownership. Curious about who owns six or more properties?  

Ep 256 Show Notes

Ep #255 – Property Plan Case Study #9 – Can We Scale Back Work With a Sea Change at Age 50? Navigating Work, Wealth, and Waterfront Dreams!

  • Cate kicks off the episode and invites Dave to share a bit of information about our exciting case study couple and their quest to move to Venus Bay to enjoy a simpler life.
  • The Trio delve into the emotions that can run when setting these types of goals. They also congratulate our case study couple for having a firm goal and setting about constructing a plan.
  • “Not having a plan is like chipping away at a piece of marble without knowing what the statue is going to be”, says Mike.
  • Rachel and Marcus have a very solid financial outlook. Cate gives a fiscal snapshot of their debt, income and equity position for context and Dave runs through the critical questions that are asked in order to determine their property plan.
  • Dave steps through the assumptions and inputs, and Cate weaves through each of the three scenarios that were presented to the couple.
  • What is a prudent capital growth forecast rate? And when should consumers be wary? Mike expands on the reasons why some claims can be dangerous and Cate warns about the risks of buying brand new.
  • The three scenarios show a progression of outcomes, and with small tweaks and changes, each scenario is quite different from the last option. But what are some of the most stunning outcomes, and what are the powerful tweaks that could surprise many of us? Tune in to find out….
  • Cate touches on the risks of buying a future home, and the Trio share some of the mitigants others who find themselves in a similar situation to consider.

Ep 255 Show Notes

Ep #254 – Integrating Property Plans with Financial Plans: Tips & Tricks for Self-Employed, Single Parents & Schemes to Get on the Property Ladder

  1. Meet Kym, a single mum and business owner, grappling with an increase in her rent while dreaming of buying her own home.  
  2. We explore the hurdles that self-employed borrowers face, from fluctuating finances to the complexities of lending applications, and share some surprising statistics about small businesses.  
  3. Plus, some valuable insights into how dependents affect borrowing capacity. 
  4. Facing an unfair rental increase? The Trio discuss your rights and what steps you can take. 
  5. Don’t miss our detailed discussion on national and state-based initiatives designed to help buyers.  
  6. From shared equity schemes to deposit guarantees, we cover it all, including some helpful non-government options. 
  7. Listener Claire poses a compelling question: “What do you do when your financial planner is anti-property?” 
  8. Dave explains the critical differences between financial and property planners,  
  9. The Trio uncover why some financial planners might shy away from recommending property.  
  10. We’ll also share expert tips on how to work effectively with your financial advisor, despite differing views on property investment. 

Ep 254 Show Notes

Ep #253 – Market Update March 2024: Migration Trends Driving Values, Taking Stock of Perth, Melbournians Think it’s a Better Time to Buy & Rate Cuts Delayed

  1. Cate admits a rare misstep in her March predictions for Melbourne and unveils the bias that may have led her astray. A candid moment that could shift your perspective! 
  2. Dave drops a migration revelation that is driving Perth values and the Trio discuss how much steam remains in the Perth market? 
  3. Combined capitals have had annual growth of 10%, how did the market defy the odds? Tune in for an analysis that could impact your investment strategy. 
  4. The Trio explore whether Melbourne might be the next big investment opportunity. 
  5. Mike dives into the rental market dynamics – are climbing rents in Perth a sign of a peak or just the beginning? Plus, the impact of increased land taxes on house rents. 
  6. From sales volume surges to distressed listings upticks, the Trio dissects what these trends could mean for the overall market health and your investment decisions. 
  7. Dave uncovers the cities where buyer sentiment is optimistic.  
  8. The Trio explore the rise in investment lending and what’s driving this resilience? 
  9. Will expected rate cuts be delayed in 2024?

Ep 253 Show Notes

Ep #252 – The Owner-Occupier vs. Investor Dilemma – Navigating Purchase Strategy, Affordability, Asset Selection & Loan Approval

  1. Discover how Sally leverages a $300K deposit to target a home in Melbourne – is playing the investor card the key to unlocking more borrowing power?
  2. Sally’s ambitious plan to turn her first home into a long-term investment unfolds. But can she navigate the tightrope between living in today and investing for tomorrow in Melbourne’s dynamic market?
  3. Why committing to your home for 5-10 years might be the smartest play you make – the Trio’s insights will change how you think about your property journey.
  4. Townhouse or Villa Unit? The Trio unravel the mystery of choosing the right home that promises both comfort and capital growth.
  5. Not all apartments are created equal. Cate uncovers which ones outshine their counterparts and why they shouldn’t be overlooked.
  6. Discover the Trio’s take on the multifaceted world of townhouses – what makes some a cut above the rest?
  7. Securing an investment loan for a home purchase – Dave reveals why this path is fraught with complexities.
  8. Does opting for an investment loan affect your stamp duty benefits? Dave’s tips might just be the game-changer for first-time buyers.

Ep 252 Show Notes

Ep #251 – Rental Revolution Revealed – Unit Rents Gain Ground on Houses, a Temporary Surge or Lasting Trend?

  1. Rental Growth Revelations: Unpacking the unexpected surge in unit rents.
  2. Investor Influence vs. Supply/Demand: What’s really driving this shift? Mike points a finger at the Victorian Parliament, sparking a lively debate.
  3. Urban Appeal: The undeniable lure of city living, as Mike highlights, and how traffic congestion plays into the rental dynamics, according to Cate.
  4. Economic Factors at Play: With a labor shortage affecting the economy, Dave and Mike delve into its implications for the rental market.
  5. Melbourne’s Market Movements: Cate illuminates the challenges and shifts in Melbourne’s unit market, including investor disenchantment and an emerging undersupply issue.
  6. Demographic Dynamics: How an aging population might influence future trends, with insights from Mike.
  7. Western Australia’s Winning Streak: The Trio explores why WA’s rental market is outshining the rest.

Ep 251 Show Notes

Ep #250 – Investment Borrowing Masterclass: Maximise Tax Deductions and Advanced Mortgage Strategies for Long-Term Wealth Creation

  1. Good Debt vs Bad Debt: Ever confused about what really constitutes good and bad debt? The Trio break it down for us in a way that’s too clear to misunderstand. Plus, what’s this about terrible debt?
  2. Borrowing the Full Purchase Price Plus Costs: Learn when and why this could work wonders for your portfolio.
  3. 106% LVR Unpacked: Dave explains how to achieve borrowing 106% LVR and why it can be a game-changer for your investment strategy.
  4. Redraw Strategies Unveiled: Why taking out an extra $20K-$50K in redraw for ongoing expenses can be a smart move to maximise deductions. Plus, get insider tips on ensuring this is set up correctly from the get-go.
  5. The True Cost of Your Interest Rate: Unravel the benefits of understanding the real cost of your interest rate post-tax deduction and its pivotal role in managing ‘good debt’.
  6. The Importance of Separating Investment and Non-deductible Debt: Discover why it’s crucial to keep your investment debt and personal (non-deductible) debt in separate lanes.
  7. Repayment Strategies Unveiled: The strategies behind choosing between interest-only and principal & interest repayments, using offset accounts for maximising tax deductions and expert insights on whether to go for fixed or variable. Understanding these options can significantly affect your investment’s cost-effectiveness and long-term growth
  8. When P&I Beats Interest Only: Dave presents unique scenarios where the typical advice gets flipped on its head.
  9. Upgrading Your Home: Planning to turn your current home into an investment? Don’t miss Dave’s advice for navigating this transition smoothly.

Ep 250 Show Notes

Ep #249 –  February Market Update

  1. The February 2024 data is out, and the Trio circle the headline; the ridiculously tight vacancy rates nationally.
  2. Mike compares houses and unit performance and ponders the drivers for unit purchasers and rents.
  3. Dave delves into Perth’s outperformance and notes the predictions he and Pete made eighteen months’ prior.
  4. Is buyer confidence up? Cate sheds light on her own experience at the coalface. 
  5. Mike dares to broach the question… “Where is Melbourne at?”

Ep 249 Show Notes

Ep #248 –  Home Dreams vs Investment Dollars – Upgrade & Sell vs Rentvest & Hold, Location Choices & School Zones, Taxes & Cash Flow Pressures

  1. High Earners, High Stakes: Jim and his partner navigate the choppy waters of property investment with incomes over $500,000, facing challenges amplified by rising interest rates and second-guessing their 2019 home choice.
  2. The Sydney Market Puzzle: Tackling why some opt for “lower hanging fruit” in a fierce market. From buyer fatigue to the fear of missing out, Cate and Dave dissect the risks and motivations.
  3. The Big Decision: To sell and embrace rent-vesting, find a new dream home, or hold steady? Dave emphasizes the importance of long-term planning for family life, while Cate underlines alignment in couple’s strategies.
  4. Property Grades vs. Suburb Appeal: A spirited debate on whether to opt for a B grade property in an A grade suburb or vice versa, enriched with real-life examples and contrasting expert opinions.
  5. Cash Flow Mastery: Dave dives into strategies to alleviate financial pressure, from optimizing loan types for tax benefits to leveraging a significant cash buffer, illustrating how to maintain lifestyle priorities amidst financial constraints.
  6. Lifestyle Design Through Property: A thought-provoking close on how property planning and financial decisions should align with personal lifestyle goals, not societal expectations, setting the stage for a fulfilling retirement strategy debate.

Ep 248 Show Notes

Ep #247 –  The Ultimate Settlement Guide – Navigating the Steps, Paperwork, Timelines & Traps to a Successful Settlement

  1. What Does Settlement Really Involve? Hint: It’s more than you think, and it varies by state!
  2. The Hidden Risks of Cutting Corners: Cheap conveyancers could cost you more than you save.
  3. Behind the Scenes of Settlement Day: A magical, yet complex, dance between brokers, banks, and more.
  4. The Ideal Settlement Day: Does it exist? We’re laying out the blueprint.
  5. Short Settlements: A negotiation tactic or a potential pitfall? The answer might surprise you.
  6. When Settlements Go Sideways: From finance flops to lost titles, we’re covering the what-ifs.
  7. After the Dust Settles: The crucial steps you shouldn’t skip post-settlement.

Ep 247 Show Notes

Ep #246 –  Tackling Housing Affordability – Part 2: The Trio’s Blueprint to Foster a Healthy Property Market

  1. The Trio share their own ideas and ideals to contribute to some solutions for solving the housing crisis.
  2. Dave is clear. “It’s all supply, supply, supply”
  3. Cate and Dave debate the short-stay accommodation impact on rental supply… is short-stay problematic?
  4. Will the day come when the government(s) decide to entice investors back?
  5. How could lending changes enhance our chances of improving the housing crisis?
  6. Does decentralising government services have a positive impact on housing?

Ep 246 Show Notes

Ep #245 –  Market Update January 2024

  1. The January 2024 data is out, and the capital city league ladder has been changing. But are houses and unit imbalances across capitals skewing the data? Dave explains..
  2. What’s happening with the regions? 
  3. Mike dares to broach the inflation data and asks his co-hosts when they think interest rates will fall. 
  4. The national rental index recorded it’s strongest monthly rise since April. Could things get worse before they get better?
  5. We have sales volumes to thank for our 2023 year holding up as it did, but now that sales numbers have increased, will the supply and demand ratio threaten capital growth?

Ep 245 Show Notes

Ep #244 – Tackling Housing Affordability – Part 1: Dissecting Proposals for Housing Innovation

  1. The Trio canvass proposed measures to ease affordability and promote the healthy functioning of the Australian property market.
  2. But first, what defines a healthy property market?
  3. The Trio step through six innovations. 
  4. Cate shares some of her preferred initiatives that have been devised to assist first home owners.
  5. Dave boldly tackles the concept of Stamp Duty abolition and proposes some thoughtful ways that the State Governments could maintain the revenue stream

Ep 244 Show Notes

Ep #243 – Building Long-Term Wealth: Mastering Land to Asset Ratio & Paying Down Your Home Loan Vs Investing Surplus Cash Flow

  1. This week’s episode features a two great listener questions, the first from Catherine – pay down the home or invest?
  2. Many people feel compelled to pay down debt, but this isn’t necessarily the optimal way to build future wealth.
  3. The Trio share their individual thoughts around Catherine’s dilemma, explaining leveraging, setting financial goals and discussing the positives of good debt.
  4. Dave also includes a scenario to illustrate the potential in store for Catherine and her husband.
  5. Our second listener question challenges the use of the Land to Asset Ratio as a metric. Lennard’s musings are plentiful and Cate, Dave and Mike tackle each one.
  6. If capital growth is maximised by a higher Land to Asset Ratio, why wouldn’t an investor just buy land?
  7. And is a million dollar farm in the outback a better investment than a small parcel of land in a blue chip, city suburb?
  8. And how do you quantify the exact land to asset ratio metric?

Ep 243 Show Notes

Ep #242 – Market Update December 23: How has the year closed out?

  1. Dave points out that December represented the smallest gain in property growth and he ponders whether the most recent interest rate increase triggered a slowdown at year end.
  2. Dave also draws our attention to the ‘tale of two cities’, and the two-speed property economy between the mining states and the non-mining states.
  3. Cate questions the relationship between listing activity and growth rates. Is there a correlation?
  4. And are we back to the good ol’ days when it comes to the summer break and the property industry shutdown?
  5. What’s happening with the regions? Dave and Cate shed light on some of the elastic behaviours in certain regions.
  6. And more!

Ep 242 Show Notes

Ep #241 – 2023: The Trio’s Property Predictions – who got them right? and did we get any wrong?

  1. Mike welcomes Pete back to the studio!
  2. Pete shares some fundamental reasons why Perth was destined for investor interest in 2023
  3. Let’s talk about the regions!
  4. Mike ponders the impact of investor disincentives with Dave, Cate and Pete
  5. Sneak peek into next week’s episode – the December market update
  6. What risks could impact the 2023 market? The Trio share their fears

Ep 241 Show Notes

Ep #240 – The Trio’s Property Predictions and Insights for the Year Ahead

  1. Mike suggests that 2024 could be ‘a year in two halves’. Tune in to find out why.
  2. The Trio each name their top three cities
  3. What do Cate, Mike and Dave think the government could do next year?
  4. Mike shares some insights into developer activity and construction
  5. Risks that could negatively impact the market

Ep 240 Show Notes

Ep #239 – Optimising Offset Accounts – Why You Should Pay Off Your Home Loan First & Other Mortgage Strategies to Create Wealth & Maximise Retirement

  1. This week’s episode features a fantastic listener question from Ben, who would like help on how to structure offset accounts when you have both investment and home loan debt.
  2. Mike asks Dave if Ben can have his cake and eat it to, and Dave has an important question for Ben.
  3. What stages of life do you typically see people having a similar conundrum, and what events can initiate this conundrum?
  4. Cate’s simple solution sounds too good to be true, but can it be done? And what are Ben’s challenges.
  5. Dave weighs in with a detailed solution – it requires some intensive concentration though!
  6. Mike explores the impact of offset against principal and interest loans

Ep 239 Show Notes

Ep #238 – Case Study #8 – Do We Buy a Home Now & Convert Into an Investment? Can We Retire at 50 & How Many Properties Will We Need?

  1. Cate chats about the scenario, and how it compares to some of the other client goals she discusses with clients
  2. Dave explains how he and his team would typically tackle the determination of subsequent property purchases, timing, budget and buffers. How did James and Lisa’s property plan compare to other plans?
  3. Tune in to find out what scenario Dave’s team recommended to this duo.
  4. Cate shines a spotlight on the positive changes that often strike in life that can amplify wealth and investing success in a typical work life timeline.
  5. The alternative options for James and Lisa are an interesting surprise!

Ep 238 Show Notes

Ep #237 – The Future of Property Investment – Unlocking the Power of AI, Opportunities and Challenges

  1. Join the Trio as they explore AI’s role in real estate investment
  2. What can AI offer immediately?
  3. How does AI already exist in the property world?
  4. Mike shares some practical applications
  5. Dave reminds listeners that information found on the internet shouldn’t be blindly trusted.
  6. Cate talks about the risks to businesses when it comes to AI mistakes

Ep 237 Show Notes

Ep #236 – Market Update November 2023

  1. We’ve reached a new peak in Australian house prices, with combined capitals hitting record highs.
  2. Dave explains why median prices can be misleading and gives a comparative analysis of house and unit prices in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  3. The trio also debates the impact of wage growth on the capital city versus regional property debate.
  4. They discuss the impact of investor sales on housing rents and supply and government policy intervention.
  5. Despite a slowdown in growth, rental markets remain strong. The team discusses the recent increase in rents compared to property values and the implications for net yields.
  6. Cate shares insights on new listings, buyer demand, and the impact of recent cash rate increases.
  7. Dave provides an update on loan approvals and refinancing trends, noting a significant decrease since May 2022.

Ep 236 Show Notes

Ep #235 – Property Portfolio Puzzles – Unravelling the Mystery of How Investors Amass 10+ Properties

  1. Dave explores the possible explanations for how these multi-property portfolio investors pull it off and shares some eye-opening data from the ATO on the percentage of multi-property investors. 
  2. The Trio delve into the mindset of someone aiming for ten-plus properties.  
  3. Cate sheds light on her own journey, sharing what drove her to acquire multiple investment properties at a young age, while Mike leads the conversation on ego-metrics. 
  4. The Trio challenge some of the mirages out there that investors claim as ‘investments’. 
  5. We also uncover the challenges of managing a large portfolio, especially when dealing with properties in different states. 
  6. Mike asks Dave to explore alternative financing sources that could be considered to break free from borrowing capacity constraints.  
  7. Dave dives into topics like cash flow, buffers, and risk, shedding light on where it matters most for multi-property investors. 
  8. And, of course, the Trio find common ground on one key ingredient that can significantly increase an investor’s chances of attaining a multi-property portfolio—time. 

Ep 235 Show Notes

Ep #234 – Unveiling the Secrets of Elite Strategic Mortgage Brokers – Navigating Advice, Skills, Results, Relationships & Regulations!

  1. Dave reveals there’s so much more to effective mortgage broking than just numbers and loan products. Tune in to find out the critical soft skills that should be in every broker’s toolbox.  
  2. Did you know the most successful professional advisors ask seven times more questions than the average advisor? 
  3. Why is mortgage strategy so much more important than the rate? Tune in to find out! 
  4. The Trio also discuss the technical skills required to be a Strategic Mortgage Broker – from credit policy to number crunching, products, the lending market, government assistance, property market knowledge, economy, and regulations. 
  5. Mike challenges Dave about the Royal Commission and the change in legislation for Responsible Lending.  
  6. Dave sets the record straight and shares some interesting stats too.  
  7. Cate and Dave discuss broker commissions and the practical reasons why Strategic Mortgage Brokers maintain good, ongoing relationships with their clients. 
  8. Dave and Mike discuss the processes required to mitigate consumer risk when it comes to deposits and settlements.  
  9. Deadlines and clauses govern many tasks, and attention to detail is critical. Dave shares some worst-case scenarios. 
  10. Learn why relationship building is vital and the relationships you need to cultivate to become a successful strategic mortgage broker. 

Ep 234 Show Notes

Ep #233 – Becoming a Buyer’s Advocate – Uncovering Diverse Pathways to Buyer’s Agency, Extra Skills to Gain an Edge & On-the-Job Training

  1. Cate shares her candid journey into the realm of Buyer’s Advocacy and the Trio explore the burning questions:  
    • Is a university degree essential, or just important? 
    • What past experiences can help you thrive as a Buyer’s Advocate?  
    • The importance of analytical skills, soft skills, and diverse backgrounds. 
  1. But that’s not all! We also discuss the challenges of adapting to the life of a BA, including long hours, liability, tight deadlines, and the pressure of negotiations.  
  2. It’s nowhere near as glamorous as it seems. 
  3. And for those aspiring BAs, we’ve got you covered!  
  4. Dave poses the pertinent question, “What extra skills can give BAs an edge?” Tune in to discover the answers! 

Ep 233 Show Notes

Ep #232 – Perth Property Gold Rush – Analysing Western Australia’s Property Investment Surge & Future Risks

  1. Mike unveils groundbreaking industry data that showcases Perth’s remarkable growth as an investment hotspot and we dive into what’s driving this exciting market and what it means for investors considering Perth as their next move. 
  2. Dave takes us on a tour of this vibrant city’s impressive recent performance, with houses doing the heavy lifting, topping the nation with a 9.1% YoY growth rate. 
  3. Discover the impact of WA’s revenue sources, with around two-thirds coming from direct State channels, which sets Western Australia apart from other states in terms of Commonwealth funding. 
  4. The data reveals the significant shift in investor activity, with WA moving from the 4th most popular state for investors to the 2nd spot within just 12 months. 
  5. With WA accounting for half of the nation’s exports, understanding these driving factors is essential for anyone interested in the property market. 
  6. The Trio also examine the 14-year period from 2007 to 2020 when the Perth property market remained relatively flat, despite population growth, a valuable lesson in the nuances of the real estate market! 
  7. Finally, we share our outlook on the future and discuss the potential risks of investing in Perth, particularly in relation to its strong ties to the mining industry. 

Ep 232 Show Notes

Ep #231 – Market Update October 2023

  1. Perth takes the lead in the home value index results as investor fever takes hold.  
  2. The mid-sized capitals of Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are the real stars, are they thriving because they are more affordable? 
  3. We delve into the impact on the regions from city returns by tree-changers and sea-changers. 
  4. The re-emergence of foreign buyers, especially Chinese, and changes other countries have undertaken to protect price appreciation from overseas buyers. 
  5. The Trio discuss how record levels of immigration is driving price growth and inflation 
  6. Rental vacancy rates remain at record lows, but is there relief on the horizon for renters? The Trio analyse the stats and potential solutions. 
  7. Listings are on the rise nationally, what’s driving this surge, is it becoming a buyers market and how resilient are prices?  
  8. Plus, the truth about distressed sales. 
  9. And, is the era of “mortgage wars” among the lenders coming to an end?  

Ep 231 Show Notes

Ep #230 – Equity Unleashed: Property Planning & Borrowing for Renovations & Wealth Creation

  1. When and how can you access equity (LVR rate, process, and types of loans)?
  2. In the accumulation phase, what’s the best practice advice for considering equity access (e.g., ASAP or at 65% LVR)?
  3. The pros and cons of creating equity through upgrades to your primary residence vs. investing in additional properties.
  4. “Cash-Out” loans – what you need to know.
  5. Mortgage insurance and new loan products – Cate and Dave share their insights.
  6. The mechanics of accessing equity, process steps, and timeframes.
  7. As-if complete valuations – a valuable tip from Dave and Mike.
  8. The investment vs. lifestyle conundrum – what questions to consider.
  9. Cash-outs vs. progressive drawdowns – Dave walks you through the options.

Ep 230 Show Notes

Ep #229 – All Things Apartment & Units Part 2 – Secrets to Selection Success, Finding Capital Growth, Land to Asset Ratios & Other Expert Tips

  1. Quirky Title Types: From Art Deco era surprises to why you should be cautious with deposit funds less than 40%.
  2. Converting Stratum and Company Share to Strata: It’s not as simple as you might think.
  3. Lender Restrictions for Apartments: Explore the challenges and solutions.
  4. Beware of Strata Fees: The essential info for off-the-plan buyers.
  5. High Density Woes: Cladding issues, Airbnb concerns, and more.
  6. Boutique Blocks: The pros and cons of these unique gems.
  7. Pet Owners in Apartments: What to do when pets aren’t allowed.

Ep 229 Show Notes

Ep #228: All Things Apartments & Units Part 1 – From Boutique to High-Rise, Uncovering Opportunity, Oversupply & Lender Restrictions

  1. Dave kicks things off by defining where apartments fit within the unit subset and shares his favoured types of apartments. 
  2. What are his criteria for identifying high-scoring gems? Think highly sought-after, great allure, attractive land-to-asset ratio, and unbeatable locations! 
  3. But that’s not all! Dave then delves into the historical capital growth performance of apartments versus houses, sharing some startling facts. 
  4. Cate discusses the reasons behind this relative underperformance and the mistakes that some investors have made in the past. 
  5. Will older style apartments make a comeback? The Trio explores the concept of the ‘apartment renaissance,’ especially in the context of an aging population. 
  6. Mike uncovers the changing trends in investor preferences, highlighting factors such as the pandemic, building defects, and investor education. 
  7. The Trio also highlights positive changes they’ve observed in recent developments and designs. 
  8. Mike treats listeners to a chapter on the Rental Loss Index and their subsequent study, delving into the issues of oversupply and high vacancy rates, providing powerful insights for investors. 

Ep 228 Show Notes

Ep #227: Market Update September 2023

  1. The September data throws us a few mixed bag items! Dave shares his takeaway: listing levels and an interesting correlation.
  2. Is there a sweet spot ratio when it comes to listing volumes and price movement? Mike ponders… tune in to find out.
  3. What’s happening with rents? And why is the pace of growth easing in so many cities? 
  4. Consumer sentiment; as Mike says “there’s green shoots!”
  5. Mike and Dave debate the impact of rates on hold, and Dave points out that the mix of owner occupiers to investors remains quite the same as recent historical levels. 
  6. Dave and Cate pick out some of their most noteworthy segments from the September data… Listen in to hear what each spotted. 

Ep 227 Show Notes

Ep #226: Property Planning to Unlock Financial Security: Hold or Sell Decisions Through Rising Holding Costs & Modelling for Retirement Success

  1. We tackle a question from our listener, Alison. She’s at a crossroads with her property investments and wants to know whether to keep or sell her four-bedroom townhouse.
  2. Alison’s story: She moved back to her beloved beachside in Melbourne, renting out her townhouse. Now, she’s unsure about her next steps, given changing property laws and interest rates.
  3. Our expert, Dave, crunches the numbers and shares projections that highlight the power of long-term property investment.
  4. We also discuss rental returns, taxes, and the importance of cash flow. Plus, insights on capital growth assets and rental growth.

Ep 226 Show Notes

Ep #225: Navigating the Fixed Rate Mortgage Cliff – Is It Real or Hype? Data Behind Headlines, Property Market Repercussions & Managing Risk

  1. Dave kicks us off by questioning the role fear plays in shaping our perception—remember the Y2K bug? 
  2. Mike dives into the numbers, challenging headlines that scream “Millions on Mortgage Cliff.” Plus, he reveals some hard-hitting stats and academic insights that could redefine how we see loan arrears. 
  3. Cate and Dave discuss the impact of regulatory changes and give us a global perspective on past lending practices.  
  4. But that’s not all—Dave opens the lid on the surge in refinancing activity, up a staggering 21% in the last year! 
  5. The Trio explore the complexities facing first-time homebuyers and shed light on ASIC’s role in the ever-evolving landscape. 

Ep 225 Show Notes

Ep #224: Breaking Into Buyer’s Agency (and Other Advisory Roles) – How to Start, Survive, and Thrive

  1. Cate demystifies how to get qualified in Victoria as a Buyer’s Agent. But whether it’s real estate or another advisory role, she emphasises the importance of proper training and mentorship. 
  2. What sets a great advisor apart? Our expert panel agree it’s a cocktail of dedication, mentorship, and technical know-how. 
  3. The Trio unpack the barriers you might face in advisory roles—from business challenges to salary woes and those relentless hours. 
  4. Dave, who has his own share of Buyer’s Agency wisdom, pinpoints five key attributes for success. 
  5. Ever pondered the risks and liabilities of giving advice? Cate breaks down what ‘Caveat Emptor’ means in the context of buyer’s agency. 
  6. A Day in the life of a Buyer’s Agent. Spoiler! It’s not all about schmoozing and handshakes. 
  7. Last but not least, Cate shares priceless advice for those thinking about stepping into this career, plus some common pitfalls to avoid. 

Ep 224 Show Notes

Ep #223: Market Update Aug 2023 – Listings Jump, Who Said Interest Rate Hikes Equal Property Declines, Capital-Regional Divide & Bad ‘Debt’ Rising

  1. Cate dishes on the August home value index stats, revealing a resilient Aussie property market, while Dave examines Sydney and Hobart. 
  2. Dave puts the growing gap between capitals and regions under the magnifying glass. 
  3. Melbourne’s rent game is hot! Why? And what’s the story with Perth rentals also bucking the trend, when all the other cities are slowing down? We’ve got theories.  
  4. The trio talk slim vacancies. Spoiler: They’re not budging. 
  5. Dave shares some key data that suggests 2023 property values will end up in positive territory, despite the fastest interest rate hike in history. Who said prices always fall when interest rates rise? The Trio dissect why the property market is driven by more than just interest rates. 
  6. Cate says listing numbers are spiking and the Trio muse if this is a forebearer for what’s to come in Spring. 
  7. The Trio debates the real vs perceived mortgage cliff effects. 
  8. Dave reports record refinances but stagnant construction. Plus, a financial tip you can’t ignore. 

Ep 223 Show Notes

Ep #222: Futureproofing Your Home & Investment Portfolio – Mortgage Mastery & Property Planning Problem Solving

  1. The trio sink their teeth into two questions from our listeners! 
  2. Nick and his wife have their principal place of residence mortgage fully offset (awesome, right?) AND plan to keep their current home as a future investment property when they upgrade.  
  3. Sounds simple? Think again! 
  4. The Trio dissect Nick’s complex situation, which includes: money from parents parked in the offset (that could vanish at any moment!), mortgage strategies to maximise tax deductions, where to buy and when.  
  5. Our second listener question from Jess is equally as troublesome.  
  6. Already an owner of 3 properties, Jess and her family want to move into one, which is currently tagged as an investment, and renovate it to the tune of $150K to suit their lifestyle needs.  
  7. The burning question: Can this happen without selling one of their properties? Or is the call for a better lifestyle too strong to resist? AND, if a sale is on the horizon, which property will get the ax? 
  8. These scenarios are more common than you think and, boy, do we get into the nitty-gritty! 

Ep 222 Show Notes

Ep #221: Analysing Market Mindset – Gun-Shy Buyers, Developer Exits, Houses vs Units & Investor Concerns

  1. The Property Trio podcast is back with Dave, Cate, and Mike to unpack the latest Australian Property Investor magazine’s sentiment survey.
  2. Houses vs Units: What’s closing the performance gap?  
  3. Why Houses Still Rule: The cultural and financial reasons  
  4. Developer Dilemmas: Rising costs and their impact  
  5. Transaction Trends: Who’s buying, who’s not, and why?  
  6. Interest Rates: How are they affecting buyer motivations?  
  7. RBA Ratings: Public opinion on Reserve Bank performance  
  8. The Rent Situation: What do rising rents mean for you? 

Ep 221 Show Notes

Ep #220: Decoding the Data Behind RBA Decisions – Property Market Impacts and the Puzzle of Rising Property Values

  1. Cate is thrilled to be your host once again and gives a huge shoutout to Dave for tackling these complex topics so brilliantly. Making the complicated simple is no small feat!
  2. So, what are the key data points that the Reserve Bank looks at when deciding to make rate adjustments? 
  3. From ‘you only live once’ YOLO spending culture, unemployment, wage growth, productivity, and global economic influences, we cover it all in this jam-packed episode! 
  4. And why are property prices still rising despite economic headwinds? Dave shares nine reasons that have contributed to the resilience of our property markets. 
  5. What could make property prices climb again after they plateau as the current trend seems to be suggesting will happen?  We all weigh in on this intriguing topic. 

Ep 220 Show Notes

Ep #219: The Role of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Why they Target Interest Rates & Why we Need Inflation, Just not too much!

  1. Dave breaks down the RBA’s mandates: Stabilising the AU currency, maintaining full employment and ensuring economic prosperity for all Australians. 
  2. Why is inflation essential, and what are its benefits? 
  3. The trio unpacks the logic behind the RBA’s 2-3% inflation target. What led the RBA to this figure, and how does it positively impact the economy? All is revealed!
  4. Dave sheds light on the reasons for the RBA adjusting the cash rate to tackle the inflation conundrum. Listen to discover the additional measures the RBA has in their monetary policy toolbox.
  5. Mike demystifies Quantitative Easing (QE), AKA money printing, outlining its drivers, purpose, outcomes, and even some unintended consequences. 
  6. And what of the outcomes of raising rates to reduce inflation? Tune in to find out! 

Ep 219 Show Notes

Ep #218: Market Update July 2023 – Rental growth slows, will rent freezes fan the flames, exploring the office exodus & capitals thrive as regionals dive

  1. Cate sparks a discussion on the thriving capital cities versus their regional counterparts.  
  2. Dave casts the spotlight on Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney’s stunning value growth, while also revealing that despite the upturn, some major capitals still haven’t reached their last peak. 
  3. Mike steers the conversation toward Perth’s intriguing outperformance. The growth and yield combo earns Perth a spot in the ‘watch this space’ category. 
  4. The Trio anticipate the Spring market and ponder improved buying conditions, highlighting October/November as prime buying months.
  5. Dave dissects rental increases as the pace of growth eases, urging caution to state governments against rent freezes.  
  6. A revelation emerges as Cate presents an Office Vacancy chart showing office vacancies sitting at approx. 13%, shedding light on residential vs. office vacancy dynamics. 
  7. But that’s not all, folks! The Trio unpack the latest consumer sentiment data that’s got us all scratching our heads. 

Ep 218 Show Notes

Ep #217: The Inflation Conundrum: Unravelling its Causes and Consequences

  1. The trio delves into the concept of inflation, shedding light on its impact and the terms frequently heard in the news.
  2. Dave explains how wages growth plays a significant role in the picture, and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) aims to engineer wages growth to surpass economic growth (inflation). 
  3. There are several factors contributing to inflation, and these are the four key ways observed in current times, which the trio unpack
  4. How does inflation impact the economy and individuals?

Ep 217 Show Notes

Ep #216: Valuing Uniqueness – Appraising Properties with Special Features or Drawbacks

  1. Have you ever wondered how to determine the right premium or discount when something noteworthy impacts a property positively or negatively?
  2. First up, we dive into the positive attributes that can enhance property value.
  3. Next, we unravel the detractors that can lead to discounting
  4. The Trio also discuss the lending challenges that buyers may face with these negative attributes, such as tight internal floor areas and tricky planning zones.
  5. Mike shares different methods of property valuation, from recent comparable sales analyses to the summation method, while Cate emphasises the importance of comparing apples with apples when evaluating attributes. 
  6. Last but not least, Cate shares how buyers should approach compromised properties and warns about the risks of selecting bad quality off-markets. Pete’s famous bad bag of apples quote couldn’t be more relevant!

Ep 216 Show Notes

Ep #215: Property Puzzle: Piecing Together Your Next Purchase Strategy

  1. We tackle a fascinating challenge sent in by one of our listeners – Amelie*.
  2. A dynamic individual in her mid-twenties, Amelie co-owns a property in Sydney’s west with her brother and is now eager to buy her second property.
  3. However, her brother’s differing opinions have left her questioning her original plans. 
  4. Amelie seeks guidance on various aspects, including choosing between units and houses, market timing, first homeowner grants, exploring other cities, and the complexities of co-ownership. 
  5. Join us as our seasoned Trio – Dave, Cate, and Mike – offer their expert insights to help Amelie navigate this property puzzle and shape her next purchase strategy

Ep 215 Show Notes

Ep #214: Market Update June 2023 Why Melbourne is getting interstate attention, how consumer sentiment is still not tamed by interest rate increases, and will interest rates peak soon?

  1. Discover how the strength of the Sydney market is propelling national growth, as the Trio delve into the latest data. 
  2. Dave sheds light on the unexpected twist of capital cities outperforming regional areas. Explore the factors contributing to the overall slowdown in growth. 
  3. Cate shares intriguing insights into the widening gap between Sydney and Melbourne, with Sydneysiders increasingly eyeing the Melbourne market. 
  4. Plus, a surprising revelation about boutique units in Melbourne experiencing long-awaited capital growth. 
  5. Find out why Hobart and Canberra stand out with strong listing activity and explore the supply-demand dynamics shaping their growth data. 
  6. Get the inside scoop from Dave and Cate on distressed listings, debunking media claims and highlighting the increasing buyer demand for older listings. 
  7. Discover the nuances of vacancy rate data as the Trio discuss its reliability and the ongoing rental challenges faced in markets like Melbourne. 
  8. The Trio dissects the puzzling Westpac Consumer Sentiment data and its implications for the property market. Gain insights into the public’s optimistic outlook and its effects on inflation. 
  9. Don’t miss Dave’s intriguing data on purchase activity that will leave you surprised and wanting more! 

Ep 214 Show Notes

Ep #213: Exploring How Government Policy Shapes Investor Behaviour – Decoding the Queensland Land Tax Ripple Effects

  1. The trio dive into the fascinating world of investor behaviors during the proposed changes to Queensland land tax in 2022.
  2. They explore the intriguing data that sheds light on the impact of legislation on investor attitudes and the rental market.
  3. Mike delves into the data, highlighting the significant segments captured: pre, during, and post the land tax legislation and eventual repeal.
  4. Cate raises intriguing questions about other variables that might have affected the data, such as interest rate increases and COVID lockdowns.
  5. Dave probes further, inquiring about the legislation’s impact on the rental market.

Ep 213 Show Notes

Ep #212: Unlocking the Secrets of Inspecting Property – Expert Strategies for Assessing Properties like a Pro

  1. Utilising Google Street View for Initial Assessment
  2. The Impact of Technology on the Real Estate Industry
  3. Understanding True Value and Conducting Price Analysis
  4. Forensic Analysis of Past Sales and AI Challenge
  5. Checking the Status of the Sale
  6. Notable Factors Before Exiting the Car
  7. Inside the Property: Conversations and Video Notes
  8. The Value of Virtual Inspections and Spatial Awareness
  9. Expert Insights on Functionality and Age of Items

Ep 212 Show Notes

Ep #211: The Post-Development Predicament, How Many Properties Do You Really Need? Do I Buy 2 Cheaper Properties or 1 Higher Value?… & Retirement Planning

  1. In our weekly market update, the Trio delves into the RBA meeting minutes, uncovering the growing case for interest rate justification and the increased risk of inflation returning to the target.
  2. We kick off with an intriguing question from a listener who recently purchased a rundown house in South Australia and is now considering subdividing it for two new builds. The Trio engages in an enthralling conversation, exploring all the options – should they build, wait, or consider alternative strategies?
  3. Our second listener question is a popular one: “Can I use a loan of $820K with an LVR of 80% to buy two properties, or do I buy one?” 

Ep 211 Show Notes

Ep #210: Market Update May 2023 – How the Upper Quartile is Driving Market Movements, Why Affordability is Relative, Generational Shifts & the Boomer Effect, and the R Word – Recession

  1. Our market update begins with a spotlight on Sydney, where median prices have surged by 5% this quarter.
  2. We explore the historical trend of high-priced properties being the first to decline during downturns and rebound swiftly during recoveries.
  3. We also shed light on an intriguing fact concerning cash purchases, which often go unnoticed amidst headlines about mortgage holders.
  4. Distortions in data analysis are also brought to our attention. We explore how the ratio of units to houses can significantly impact median values, as exemplified by comparing cities like Melbourne and Brisbane. 
  5. Dave presents the latest trends in capital cities and regions in rental markets.
  6. Mike raises a question about a slight uptick in May, but Cate attributes it to the avoidance of the Easter school holidays.
  7. We explore the rise in house price expectations, indicating a widespread belief in future price increases.
  8. Dave, our lending expert, shares insights into loan commitment figures, hinting at a potential turning point.
  9. Productivity remains a key concern, and stagflation poses a threat to the economy if not improved. Dave details this risk for our listeners.

Ep 210 Show Notes

Ep #209: Listener questions: Mastering property planning in unique circumstances, and unveiling buyer’s agent conflicts

  1. The trio kick off this exciting episode with a market update. No surprises, the RBA’s rate increase landed firmly on both Dave and Cate’s discussion list.
  2. Freightos Baltic Index is an intriguing measure that Mike watches. The huge increases in freight costs have stabilised somewhat and Mike predicts that the cost of building materials, cars, and other large allocations will come down; and we can anticipate that this will have an impact on inflation.
  3. Our first listener posed a question to the Trio regarding their thoughts on the recent Four Corners Episode aired in late March 2023. The episode shed light on problematic behaviors exhibited by agents and conflicts of interest. Our thoughtful listener was curious about the measures in place to regulate such behaviors and ensure the disclosure of pertinent information.
  4. Our second listener presents a special question as a loyal listener and property investor who wishes to assist her friend in making the right decision regarding her Melbourne apartment. She seeks the Trio’s advice on whether her friend should hold onto the property for long-term growth or sell it for better returns.

Ep 209 Show Notes

Ep #208: The Distance Dilemma: Decoding the Proximity Puzzle for Property Investors

  1. Our main focus today is the distance people choose to buy their investment properties from where they live and whether that has changed over the years. 
  2. We’re debunking stereotypes and revealing real data from groundbreaking industry research. 
  3. Hold onto your seats because we reveal some jaw-dropping statistics! 
  4. Mike challenges Dave and Cate to guess how far investors are willing to travel
  5. Cate uncovers some intriguing “accidental investment” examples.
  6. Dave discusses the risks associated with dual-purpose investing
  7. Cate shares motivations behind investors purchasing properties “around the corner.” 
  8. Discover the surprising changes in property investing trends, including the average distance investors are willing to travel. 

Ep 208 Show Notes

Ep #207: Mortgage mastery for investment borrowing & the hold or fold dilemma

  1. Discussing the latest buzz in the property market: the Land tax reforms and other intriguing ideas proposed by the Victorian Government. How will these “fruity ideas” affect the property market in Victoria? Tune in to find out! 
  2. Listener Question 1: When is the right time to convert your home loan to an interest only loan? 
  3. Dave, our mortgage strategy expert, shares his invaluable wisdom on this common dilemma, offering golden insights for our listeners. 
  4. Listener Question 2: Equity vs. higher loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) and Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Discover the pros and cons, including optimising tax deductions and maximising savings. 
  5. Dave breaks down the crucial details and sheds light on one of the significant costs that property investors often overlook – the expense of selling a property that could have been retained with the right mortgage strategy. 

Ep 207 Show Notes

Ep #206: Breaking free from buyer’s paralysis: Mastering the art of property decision-making and conquering the fear of buying before a better option

  1. Don’t miss this thrilling episode dedicated to the tricks buyers play on themselves! 
  2. Discover why FOBBABO (Fear of Buying Before a Better Option) can be dangerous and how to tackle it. 
  3. Join Dave, Mike, and Cate as they delve into psychological challenges faced by buyers, discussing FOMO and the winner’s curse.  
  4. Gain insights into how FOBBABO manifests and explore the market cycles where it typically strikes. 
  5. Uncover valuable tips to navigate the risks of inflation, rising interest rates, and reduced borrowing capacity. 
  6. Tune in for the Trio’s 7 powerful strategies to combat FOBBABO! 

Ep 206 Show Notes

Ep #205: Market Update Apr 2023 – Budget night and rising rents… how do we solve this issue?

  1. Federal budget night announcements impact on the property market, in particular the measures that are proposed to ease the cost of iving and the government’s approach to tackle the rental crisis
  2. Sydney is the “absolute standout”, but other capital cities are also rebounding
  3. Listing volumes and the drivers that influence them
  4. Distressed listings are not as ‘distressed’ as the media would have had us believe.
  5. The annual change in rents for houses continues to challenge several markets, but the change in unit rents is quite shocking for tenants in the affected cities and regions.
  6. The consumer sentiment index and the drivers and changes that are noteworthy forward indicators for the housing market
  7. New loan commitments and “the refinancing goldrush has become a hallmark of 2023”

Ep 205 Show Notes

Ep #204: Ownership structures Part 2: Parental support, shared equity schemes and co-ops

  1. The difference between a genuine gift from parents and a loan
  2. Pros and cons of security guarantees and family pledges
  3. How can parents help children when they have multiple kids?
  4. The ins and outs of shared equity schemes
  5. What are coops and how they function

Ep 204 Show Notes

Ep #203: Ownership structures Part 1: Co-ownership, parental support, buying with friends and alternative ways that buyers enter the market

  1. To begin this episode the trio ponder the current market and share their thoughts on the improving conditions and some of the contradicting economist and media views.
  2. What are some of the motivations for co-owning property?
  3. Mike asks Cate to explain the difference between joint ownership and tenants in common; an important concept when it comes to estate planning and tax.
  4. The trio chat about the benefits of pooling resources and some of the issues that are often overlooked though are plentiful too.
  5. Prepping for the entity decision is critical, and they must be arranged long before signing a contract. Dave touches on just some of the less-considered details that co-owners need to delve into before they embark on the journey, including the exit-strategy, a dispute resolution clause, a financial default plan, and the distribution of profits.
  6. Mike quizzes Cate and Dave on the pro’s and cons of corporate entities and trusts, from company tax rates on profits to the costs associated with the structuring and ongoing professional advice

Ep 203 Show Notes

Ep #202: Meet the Quantity Surveyor, Mike Mortlock

  1. Episodes following the original podcaster intro’s, Dave and Cate introduce Mike.
  2. They chat all things quantity surveying, but drill into the Novocastrian man behind the microphone… from his dangerous hobbies, to what it was that led him to his career as a ‘construction economist’.
  3. Mike’s candid demeanour brings something special to the trio.
  4. Cate delves into the various facets of quantity surveying that requires Mike’s skillsets.
  5. Mike shares some intriguing snippets of data about lost depreciation benefits and the figure is staggering… .tune in to hear the details!

Ep 202 Show Notes

Ep #201: Market Update Mar 2023 – Has it turned, or is this a dead cat bounce?

  1. The Trio reflected on the March data and in particular, the question on everyone’s minds; Has the market turned, or is this a dead cat bounce?
  2. Sydney rebounded strongly with 1.4% growth in one month, and Dave brings market segments and price points to light when he shares that the upper quartiles are the highest performing price segments for the eastern capitals.
  3. The sea change/tree change movement is obvious in this following table, and the trio but the March uptick signals a recovery in the regions also
  4. Dave predicts a listing rebound in the Spring months of 2023.
  5. Rents… Mike shares a scary news item he read about a rental provider advertising a tent inside his living room for rent.
  6. Mike highlights bond yields and the correlation with sentiment and ponders whether the consumer sentiment figures are actually indicating a rebound.

Ep 201 Show Notes

Our third musketeer’s job interview. Welcome to the Property Trio, Mike Mortlock!

  1. Dave and Cate share with the listeners the appointment of Mike Mortlock to ‘Third Musketeer’ status on The Property Trio.
  2. Mike’s job interview and Cate and Dave’s discussion prior about the key attributes they’re searching for. This little mini-ep taster provides a bit of humour and some insight into Mike’s wit and charm.
  3. We welcome our clever Quantity Surveyor to the show! Congratulations, Mike!

Ep 200+ Show Notes

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Ep #201: Market Update Mar 2023 – Has it turned, or is this a dead cat bounce?

  1. The Trio reflected on the March data and in particular, the question on everyone’s minds; Has the market turned, or is this a dead cat bounce?
  2. Sydney rebounded strongly with 1.4% growth in one month, and Dave brings market segments and price points to light when he shares that the upper quartiles are the highest performing price segments for the eastern capitals.
  3. The sea change/tree change movement is obvious in this following table, and the trio but the March uptick signals a recovery in the regions also
  4. Dave predicts a listing rebound in the Spring months of 2023.
  5. Rents… Mike shares a scary news item he read about a rental provider advertising a tent inside his living room for rent.
  6. Mike highlights bond yields and the correlation with sentiment and ponders whether the consumer sentiment figures are actually indicating a rebound.

Ep 201 Show Notes

Ep #202: Meet the Quantity Surveyor, Mike Mortlock

  1. Episodes following the original podcaster intro’s, Dave and Cate introduce Mike.
  2. They chat all things quantity surveying, but drill into the Novocastrian man behind the microphone… from his dangerous hobbies, to what it was that led him to his career as a ‘construction economist’.
  3. Mike’s candid demeanour brings something special to the trio.
  4. Cate delves into the various facets of quantity surveying that requires Mike’s skillsets.
  5. Mike shares some intriguing snippets of data about lost depreciation benefits and the figure is staggering… .tune in to hear the details!

Ep 202 Show Notes

Our third musketeer’s job interview. Welcome to the Property Trio, Mike Mortlock!

  1. Dave and Cate share with the listeners the appointment of Mike Mortlock to ‘Third Musketeer’ status on The Property Trio.
  2. Mike’s job interview and Cate and Dave’s discussion prior about the key attributes they’re searching for. This little mini-ep taster provides a bit of humour and some insight into Mike’s wit and charm.
  3. We welcome our clever Quantity Surveyor to the show! Congratulations, Mike!

Ep 200+ Show Notes

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