Analysing Market Mindset – Gun-Shy Buyers, Developer Exits, Houses vs Units & Investor Concerns (Ep. 221)

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Highlight segments:

8.50 – Cate contrasts house vs unit performance from today to thirty years ago

19.21 – Dave translates the data in the survey to the concerns associated with interest rate rises

20.20 – Dave sheds light on the relevance of the Australian Productivity Commission

21.15 – Is this the best time to buy? Cate talks about RBA decisions and buyer motivation with Dave

25.16 – A sneak peak into next week’s show

27.11 – Who is right and who is wrong about Dr Lowe? Mike, or the survey respondents?

36.50 – Mike talks about some of the challenges landlords face and he raises an important point

52.25 – Gold Nuggets

Show notes:

The Property Trio podcast is back with Dave, Cate, and Mike to unpack the latest Australian Property Investor magazine’s sentiment survey covering Data collected between 26/06/23 and 17/07/23 from 735 respondents.

House vs Unit Performance

Dave highlights that the performance gap between houses and units has closed slightly, although the survey data doesn’t necessarily reflect this shift. Shockingly, 37% of respondents now prefer buying houses, up from 21% just three months ago.

Why Houses Still Rule

From land-to-asset ratios to cultural housing preferences, the trio discusses several reasons why houses continue to be the go-to choice for many.

Developers Deterred by Costs

Mike sheds light on the struggles that property developers are currently facing, mainly due to escalating costs in the building sector. The number of people planning to buy new dwellings has plummeted, and Mike offers his projections for the near future.

Transacting Activity in the Last Year

The survey reveals a dramatic increase—from 13% to 30%—in respondents who’ve made no property moves in the past year. Dave explores the implications of this trend, examining challenges beyond funding costs.

Multiple Property Investments

Of those who have transacted in property, a substantial 63% have done so on more than one property. Mike discusses how investors have seized opportunities in the past year.

The Impact of Interest Rates

Interest rates and financing woes top the list of concerns among survey respondents. Dave and Cate dive into how Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) rate decisions are affecting buyers’ motivations and timings.

Buying vs Selling Decisions

Cate shares that buyers are more impacted by rate increases despite low listing activities. What could this mean for the market?

Public Opinion on RBA’s Performance

The trio discusses a worrying trend: 47% of survey respondents rated the RBA’s performance as poor or very poor. They dissect some key mistakes made by the former RBA Governor.

The Rent Situation

Rents continue to be a hot topic. Cate and Dave break down the survey findings and discuss how investor disincentives are currently affecting the market.

Westpac Consumer Sentiment vs API Survey

While the Westpac consumer sentiment figures often get discussed, this API survey brings some differing perspectives. A significant 72% expect property prices to rise, with 55% believing the same for regional prices.

Intriguing Predictions

From investor concerns to desired investment locations, the survey uncovers some fascinating insights into what we can expect in the property market over the next year.

Gold Nuggets:

Dave Johnston’s gold nugget: If we look at the things that are putting people off buying, it’s the external factors. “The most important economy is your own economy.”

Mike Mortlock’s gold nugget: Mike talks about the disparity out there right now in relation to buyer sentiment. “If you’re in a position to purchase a property, now is the time to do it.”


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