To provide the most client centric property, mortgage and money management advice in the world.

We are the original Property Planners Since 2004

As pioneers of independent property advice and education, we have absolute clarity of purpose.

The problem we see

Property purchases and mortgages total over $2 billion, yet the property industry is unregulated and focuses on selling property and the mortgage industry focuses on selling interest rates.

The financial planning industry focuses on selling insurance, investment products and super-funds.

No one focuses on Property Planning for the accumulation of our most expensive asset.

Through our experience meeting the needs of thousands of clients, our service has evolved to provide you the education and advice you need to make informed decisions. 

We ask the right questions and provide you with the right information to empower you to make successful property, finance and lifestyle decisions.

Why choose Property Planning Australia?

We educate and empower you to make the right decisions to create your ideal lifestyle.

As the only company in Australia to offer independent property advice without selling or buying property, we focus on you and your needs. Our client centric services are supported by Property Education, Money and Risk Management.

Through our exceptional service our team save you time and emotional energy whilst growing your wealth.

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Our Values

Our values are lived out by the 15 actions in our Game Plan

1. Evolution – challenge the norm

2. Respond now

3. Over-communicate

4. We care

5. Proactive – be aware of what’s ahead

6. We get it right, first time

7. Solution hunters – we find the ‘how’

8. We are finishers – execute and implement

9. Manage and exceed expectations

10. We are team players

11. It’s the little things that make the difference

12. Simplicity is genius

13. We listen first and second, and then ask more questions

14. Be the best we can be

15. Do the right thing

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Founder and Managing Director

David Johnston

David is the founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia. He is the author of How to Succeed with Property to Create your Ideal Lifestyle; and Property for Life – Using Property to Plan Your Financial Future published by Wiley. 

Property Planning Australia was established in 2004 – born out of David’s vision to educate and empower Australians to make successful property, mortgage strategy and money management decisions on the pathway to creating their ideal lifestyle.

David’s driving force has always been family, and he thinks that is common for most of us.

He has a passionate belief that independence from selling property and investment products focuses the advice squarely on you and your family. 

Where it all started……

In 1999, after finishing university and a few years working at a major bank prior to his 24th birthday, David came to the realisation that consumers wanted choice and education when taking out a mortgage.

At the time few consumers were aware of mortgage brokers.

Now more than half of all mortgages in Australia originate through mortgage brokers.

His clients soon started asking questions about how to make better property decisions.

This set him off on a journey of discovery to understand what constitutes long term successful property decisions.

Multi award-winning team

Net Promoter Score

Our average ‘Net Promoter Score’, which is based on the likelihood to refer friends and family, is 9.5 out of 10.

This is ultimately the greatest reflection on the team.

Our team will save you time, energy and stress, so you can spend more time with friends and family and focus on what is most important to you in life.

We are thrilled to have been recognised with many prestigious awards

Spanning over a decade, we have consistently been recognised for:

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Diversification
  • Business of the Year
  • Independent Business of the Year
  • Top Start Up
Awards Property Planning

Professional Membership

We are members of leading industry bodies Property Investment Professionals of Australia and the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.

We have been recognised for our dedication and sense of responsibility to consumers and our clients.

The Property Planning journey so far…

Property Planning Australia began in 2004 as the first company to provide mortgage broking and fee-for-service buyers advocacy under the one roof.

Mortgage brokers were now emerging as a growing force for consumers, though many were blissfully unaware of the services of a buyer’s agent.

David realised that for all the great things buyer’s agents did, they transacted only.

There was no long term planning or broad based review of people’s financial circumstances and goals.

People wanted a tailored plan that considered the now and what’s next, all in the context of a long term property pathway.

Property Education and the Property Professor

In 2007, Peter Koulizos, Australia’s most respected University and Tafe Property Lecturer partnered with David Johnston and the team.

Together they have run the only university endorsed property education course.

Peter continues to partner with David and the team because of the focus on fiercely independent property advice supported by mortgage and money management strategies based on what is right for you.

This journey built a sphere of expertise

Throughout the years, the Property Planning service and products have evolved. The Property Plan was created off the back of over a decade of expertise and knowledge. It is unique to Property Planning Australia, fiercely independent and free of vested interests.

At its essence, the Property Planning service is dedicated to educate and empower you to make life’s most expensive and emotional decisions.

Enabling you to accumulate wealth through property and create your ideal lifestyle

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