Women’s Professional Golf Association (WPGA) Melbourne International

We are thrilled to be an inaugural and ongoing sponsor of the Women’s Professional Golf Association Australasia (WPGA) Melbourne International, played at Latrobe Golf Club.  

We proudly endorse and sponsor the WPGA, an exceptional tournament that showcases the incredible talent of female golfers worldwide. At Property Planning Australia, we are deeply committed to fostering equality and empowering women. Recognising the significant earnings disparity between men and women in sports, we have chosen to support this tournament as a meaningful step towards closing the gap.  

David and Sarah are passionate about championing women’s sports to provide their daughter and all girls and women with equal opportunities in their athletic pursuits, just like their male counterparts. They believe in breaking down barriers and ensuring a level playing field where girls and women can thrive and excel. By advocating for women’s sports, they aim to inspire positive change and create a future where gender equality in sports is the norm, empowering girls and women to pursue their athletic dreams without limitations. 

By extending our support to this tournament, we honour our team member Ryan Bain, who has been with Property Planning Australia since 2008 and who is an integral part of the Latrobe community. 

We are honoured to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of this prestigious event and to support the incredible women who competed.

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