Property Cycle Management – why now is always the best time to buy if it suits your personal economy and you have a long-term property plan (Ep. 12)

The media hype around timing the property market can lead to indecisions and paralysis by analysis that can be the huge killer of wealth creation. You may ask yourself what if property prices fall? Do you ask yourself what if they keep going up?  

In our 12th episode, the Property Planner, Buyer and Professor dissect “Property cycle management – why now is always the best time to buy if it suits your personal economy and you have a long-term property plan.” 

Listen to David JohnstonCate Bakos and Peter Koulizos as they take you through market cycles, the catalysts behind market movements and how to deal with downturn 

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Show notes

  • What is the difference in a buyer’s v seller’s market? 
  • Property prices double every 7 to 10 years on average.  
  • The power of compound growth  in the long-term, any time is a good time to buy property 
  • The danger of living in the ‘now.’ Make your property decisions based on your personal economy.  
  • How far should you stretch in a seller’s market? 
  • If you are timing the market to flip, property might be the wrong asset class. 
  • Retraction in capital cities – what are the factors that come into play? 
  • How long does a retraction usually last? 
  • Purchasing during a retraction  who has the courage to catch falling knives? 
  • The role of the government and regulators in influencing the market.  
  • Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) – the catalyst behind market movements.  
  • The impact of geo-political events.  
  • Access to finance – turning on the borrowing capacity taps.  
  • Measure property price growth by the value growth over and above CPI. 
  • Higher-end properties – hit the hardest during downturns.  
  • The upside for upgraders. 
  • Down-grading – the next contingent to re-emerge.  
  • Volatile markets – where can you find the biggest highs and the lowest lows? 
  • Trust in the economy – how does this factor in? 
  • Who are the experts we follow to keep in sync with where the economy and property market is at?  

The Property Buyer’s golden nugget: Ride through the waves! If you’re thinking about selling during a downturn, you are crystalising a loss. If your strategy is to hold the property, you may have a loss on paper, but things will change. 

The Property Professor’s golden nugget: Don’t panic if property values are dropping  property will always come good. Likewise, if property values are increasing exponentially, it won’t last forever. It’s a cycle and it will always go up and down.   

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