How to set up your
Money Management system

Time commitment

For most people, getting their Money Management System operational takes months of habit-building. This includes:

  •           Developing improved savings and spending habits.
  •           Using the correct cards for each purpose.
  •           Reviewing expenditure at the end of each month and topping up your ‘Fun’ and ‘Life’ accounts using your monthly budget.
  •           Maintaining motivation to consistently carry out your new and improved habits for yourself and your partner (if applicable).
  •           Negotiating with your suppliers to keep costs down.
  •           Invest your time upfront to set up a successful Money Management System and on an ongoing basis.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s vital you discuss the monthly financial outcome, that’s often best done over a glass of wine or a cup of tea together in a relaxed atmosphere. Often the case, you may find that one of you may be more generous with their spending than the other!

That’s OK, the point is that you both agree on the budgets for your ‘Money Goals’, and ultimately what’s left over in your ‘Grow’ offset account each month is available for investing and setting up your future aspirations. The balance lies with your financial weights and scales to ensure everyone is happy and motivated to achieve the Money Goals, as your Money Goals are completely personal!

Customizing your system to your liking, developing new habits well as no longer tweaking various aspects of your process every month could take anytime from one month to a year – but more likely the latter! The upfront process of getting your financial system in place is likely to require a personal investment time between five to ten hours. How rapidly you undertake this process, and how diligent you are in implementing the changes is a personal choice. Your Strategic Mortgage Broker, Property Planner and the Private Banking team are available to support you through your journey and answer any questions you may have as they arise.


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