Money Management

The importance of having an effective Money Management system

How you spend, save and manage your money is fundamental to your future financial success. Having a money management system built into your Mortgage Strategy and Property Plan can allow you to manage money-related risks, for example; having a child, moving to a new area/location, career change, starting a business, extended travel, reduction in income, prolonged sickness or accident.

More importantly, it will boost your ability to invest and grow your wealth to set you up for a successful ‘flexibility stage of life’ and to be able to support your children, if that’s your goal.

Money management is about understanding your expenditure, and more importantly, your surplus cash flow. Through education and discussion with your Property Planner and Strategic Mortgage Broker in advance of making property and investment decisions, you can become fully aware of the cash flow implications for each and every property and investment decision you make.

Having clarity and taking control of your cash flow is liberating. You’ll literally walk taller! Either you control your money or money controls you. This clarity and control of your finances will allow you to determine your ‘Money Goals’. From this position of knowledge, you can make decisions as to how much cash flow you choose to direct towards property and equally important, how much you want to maintain as a savings buffer following your next property or financial investment.

You are best placed to determine what you’re comfortable contributing towards a property or other forms of investing from a cash flow perspective. This process is part science– that is where we come in – and part risk tolerance – that’s where you come in.

Ensuring you have well-defined Money Goals and an effective Money Management System is interconnected with being very clear about your Mortgage Strategy, Risk-Management Strategies and your resulting Property Plan. You should implement your Money Management Strategies in with your Property Planner, Strategic Mortgage Broker and the Private Banking team to support your Property Plan.

By putting in place a Money Management and Banking System, you’ll enhance your line of sight over your spending habits. Our system allows continuous visibility of how your savings and spending are tracking, so you can use the process to improve your spending habits. Growing your cash buffer and reducing debt should be your primary focus to enable you to reduce risk and invest more readily.

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