The admin, paperwork and responsibility of running an investment portfolio (Ep. 190)

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In this week’s episode, Dave, Cate and Pete cover some of their best tips for managing the administration of running an investment portfolio.  Tune in to find out…Pete’s market update hinges on a Tim Lawless post about the undersupply of stock on the market currently. It’s intriguing to hear how fast our available listings could be soaked up if further listing activity suddenly stopped, and Pete sheds light on a clever leading indicator. Dave adds to this with an interesting twist to the recent months’ newsfeed of price declines. Domain data shows that several of our capital cities experienced house price increases for the last quarter, (noting that unit performance wasn’t as positive).

Cate’s market update relates the coalface findings to the stock supply issue that Dave and Pete eluded to. With auction season just recommencing, Cate reports lower-than-expected campaign activity.

1. Pete and Cate shed some light on how they each manage the administrative tasks for their retrospective portfolios. And listeners may get some good ideas when they hear how these two investors segment the tasks.
2. Each share the tools and programs they use. Nothing beats Pete’s excel spreadsheets! From hardcopy folders to cloud based files, the trio all have their own systems to share with listeners. No amount of record keeping can substitute for a great property manager though.
3.  How do they track their deductions? This is potentially one of the most important questions for the episode. Getting it wrong can be costly in so many ways, and Dave details some of the critical things that investors need to keep top of mind. Some might surprise you… it’s all about clever mortgage strategy.
4. Working in sync with accountants – What do investors provide each year to their accountant? What’s on them to manage?  What record keeping is mandatory for investors? And what are the timelines of importance? Tune in to find out.
5. Managing property managers – what’s OK, and what’s not? The trio talk about some of the things that they’ve clearly marked as property manager tasks, and why it’s so crucial to select a great one. From insurance to financial statements, Pete talks about his own revered property manager as a great example of an A-grade professional.
6. Due diligence applied when choosing between rental applications – how do Pete and Cate manage this? What attributes do they look for, and how can they glean this information? Pete and Cate have slightly differing approaches, but each share their best findings. Pete’s hot tip is for investors to pay careful attention to the condition reports each time they are issued. Cate’s two top priority issues include managing any water related issues, and people discord issues. Both can start small and end up big when ignored.
7. Ownership structuring is a critical aspect to investment administration – Cate raises the importance of understanding tax implications and also the impact of ownership on borrowing capacity. Both require a clear channel of communication to a good accountant and/or financial planner. Dave encourages listeners to focus on what’s best for the whole journey, not just today.
8. And do the trio go back to their forecasts over time? Their answers may surprise you!

Gold Nuggets

Cate Bakos, the ‘Property Buyer’s Gold Nugget: Short and sweet: Never underestimate a good property manager!
Pete Koulizos, the ‘Property Professor’s Gold Nugget: To manage a portfolio yourself requires great organisation. Unless you can apply the skills and time to the task, Pete recommends investors appoint a good property manager instead.


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