Celebrating 5 Years of the Property Trio Podcast!

The Property Trio celebrates a significant milestone in our journey – five incredible years of podcasting!  

It’s been an amazing ride, and we’re thrilled to share some highlights, memories, and reflections with you. 

Our Journey 

We started this incredible journey in May 2019, with the launch of the Property Trio podcast. Our first seven episodes were recorded under the mentorship of David Lewis from The Mentor List. Dave is a pro at helping people set up and run podcasts and initially we were unsure if we would attract enough listeners to make it all worthwhile. David was instrumental in helping us formulate the best approach to get our message out there.

In the early days, we recorded seven episodes in a single sitting – a challenging but rewarding effort. Our first few recording sessions took place in our office in Camberwell, where we borrowed recording gear to get started.  

As the podcast listenership grew, Cate set up a dedicated podcast studio in her Yarraville office, allowing us to streamline our recording process. Then, COVID-19 hit and like many others, we transitioned to recording via Zoom.

During this time, we began incorporating market updates into our episodes. Our initial aim was to provide reassurance about the property market, the economy and job security during such uncertain times. Adding this new element helped us connect with our listeners on a deeper level during Covid but ongoing provides the opportunity for our listeners to stay abreast of the market gyrations and trends saving our listeners time in sourcing the information themselves and providing valuable insights for their own property journey.

Recording a podcast episode every week is no small feat, but it’s crucial for maintaining our listenership and getting our educational message out.  We’re thrilled to see our listener numbers continue to grow year on year. 

Anecdotes from the Trio

People often ask us how long we’ve been at it, and they’re usually surprised to learn that we’ve reached episode 260 and have kept it going for five years!  

Another common question is whether it is challenging to produce new topics, especially since we do not have guests on our show.  

Our podcast is unique in that it features just the three of us discussing assorted topics which we think provides a point of difference.

Each host runs a different business or in the case of Peter when he was part of the show had a university lecturing background which ensures we bring diverse perspectives to our discussions.  

Initially, we thought it might be difficult to sustain the podcast, especially as we reached the early 100s. However, we discovered that many of the earlier topics could be broken down further, allowing for deeper dives into specific elements of the property and finance markets.

While not having guests might limit our exposure to other networks and databases, we are incredibly happy with our progress.  

Monthly market updates have become easier to generate topics for, and our listeners really enjoy them based on the feedback we received.  

We also started taking and answering listener questions about a year into our journey, and since then, we have answered around 50 of your questions.  

We love this interaction and encourage more questions from our listeners – so please email us anytime with your burning questions or submit your question here!

Despite covering many topics, there are still areas we haven’t yet explored. Not everyone has listened to every episode, though we do have some dedicated fans who do and we do recommend that everyone goes back and listens to the first 30-50 episodes where we cover a lot of the foundations of property, mortgage and money management.

We often receive feedback that we don’t try to sell our services during episodes, which many listeners appreciate.

Thanks to Our Listeners

As of May 19th, we’ve surpassed 450,000 listens!  

We’re incredibly grateful for your support and love hearing from you.  

Currently, we have over 200 ratings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you’re enjoying the show, we’d love for you to leave us a review as this helps our podcast move up the rankings so others can make the most of the education on offer.

We cherish the stories of how our podcast has helped you navigate property decisions and make better choices. It’s equally rewarding when listeners reach out to our businesses for further assistance.

Thanks to Our Behind-the-Scenes Helpers

We couldn’t have done this without our behind-the-scenes team:

– Jamie from Woods Media Lab, our podcast editor
– Anne-Marie from Property Planning Australia, who organises the scheduling of topics and recordings and conducts market research.
– Jadie from MCG Quantity Surveyors, who puts together the video content for YouTube  

Some Highlights from Episode #1: Meet the Property Planner, David Johnston

Why did you start Property Planning Australia?

Before starting the business, clients were asking for help with property-based decisions, but my background was in finance, not property. I realised people were more interested in getting their property decisions right than the financial side of things. There was a gap in the market for a property planning industry, so I set out to fill it and help people with their property decisions.

Our mission is to help people create their ideal lifestyle, using property as a vehicle to live the life they desire.

3 Steps to Property Planning:

Plan First: Get your ducks in a row with a long-term view.
Set Your Property Strategy: Outline your approach and goals.
Select the Property: Choose your asset only after thorough planning and strategy setting. 

We often find that people want to jump towards asset selection, but this should be the last step!

Mortgage Strategy:
A fundamental mistake people make is not connecting their mortgage strategy to their long-term property plans.

To learn more about mortgage strategy and how it can create significant wealth when used effectively, take a listen to the following episodes!

Risk Management:
Your mortgage is your biggest commitment in life. Managing this risk is often neglected by other advisers and bank staff, but it’s a critical aspect of property planning. 

To learn more about risk management, listen to Episode 191 – Risk management and the things that can go wrong when mortgage strategy is ineffective

Thank you for being part of our journey over the past five years. Here’s to many more episodes and shared insights! 

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