Insights from one of the PM’s key economic advisers including turning point predictions!

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On Monday afternoon I attended a very impressive presentation by Chris Joye of Coolabah Capital which left me feeling positive about the path forward. Chris is one of the key advisers to the Prime Minister.  He has also been making recommendations to the RBA about market failings well in advance of the ‘reality’ of the true impact of Covid-19 sinking in for the Australian government, society and other countries now in the thick of dealing with the pandemic.  Below I will share with you some of the insights gleaned including his response to three of my questions, his predictions, some of which came true overnight, and the paper he and his team released yesterday morning.

Property Planning Australia is here to support you as we have since 2004 | Property market update

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As the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak becomes more widespread, we wanted to reach out to you with an update on the following: 1. Auctions have been brought forward to today, tomorrow, Friday and the weekend. 2. A property market update. 3. Property Planning Australia - Action plan. 4. ‘Some Good News’ stories because we are all being inundated with the ‘other’ news at the moment.   5. The Singapore containment success story.   6. We would also like to advise that The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor Podcast continues unabated for another seven episodes at least......because we pre-recorded it, but please keep that a secret!😉 We will keep you updated and if you would like to have a conversation with your Property Planner or Strategic Mortgage Broker, please feel free to call our office (which is being diverted to our team members), email us directly or visit our contact us page.

How old is too old!

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The question used to be “when is it too late to buy a property?”, but now the question that you first need to ask is “how old is too old to borrow to invest?” Since the APRA mandated stricter lending guidelines and the Royal Commission created fear amongst bank credit assessors, it has become increasingly [...]

Property Planner’s Fast Fact – The paradox of population growth!

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Population growth is a positive indicator for property value growth, right? Everyone knows this, don’t they! Well, what if I told you that population growth can be a positive and also a negative, depending on what exact location type you are measuring? Here's why... Population growth in a capital city or a regional city is [...]

Meet the Property Planner, David Johnston (Ep. 1)

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You will be taken on a journey of discovery through the maze of property, mortgage and money decisions to empower you to create your ideal lifestyle! You will be educated and receive fiercely independent insights.For the first few episodes in this exciting and engaging series, we’re going to introduce you to the people behind the property. Join us on the journey as the first episode looks at none other than the Property Planner, David Johnston, as he delves into his background, experience and vision. David passionately believes that we all should have a Property Plan to navigate our lifetime’s property decisions so that we all can create our ideal lifestyle.