Show notes – 2024: The Trio’s Property Predictions and Insights for the Year Ahead (Ep. 240)

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Episode Highlights

1.50 – Cate kicks off the Trio’s predictions

7.11 – Mike suggests that 2024 could be ‘a year in two halves’. Tune in to find out why.

9.30 – The Trio each name their top three cities

19.03 – What do Cate, Mike and Dave think the government could do next year?

26.10 – Sneak peek into next week’s episode – the December market update, and a review of our 2023 predictions

30.18 – Mike shares some insights into developer activity and construction

44.25. – Risks that could negatively impact the market


Show notes

Cate kicks off the Trio’s predictions for 2024 and reminds Mike that he will be accountable in a year’s time.

Dave picks value growth of 2-7% nationally in 2024, with the market being weighed down by Melbourne and Sydney, with a comment that he feels we’ll see a similar year to 2022. Cate feels that a strong supply of listings in early 2024 will dim the growth potential for the busy cities in the early months. The supply and demand ratio may lead to some great buying conditions during this period. Cate backs Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane for outperformance growth for the year.

Mike leans on Chris Gray’s comment, “It will either go up, go down, or stay the same.” Yep, thanks for that Mike. Mike does share some economist’s updates for our listeners though and challenges Dave with a 7-9% growth estimate.

Mike suggests that 2024 could be a year of two halves. Tune in to find out why.

Will ‘chicken and egg’ impact our markets again? And could this lead to a stock undersupply?

The top three performers…. Who will get it right? And who will be proven wrong? The Trio place their bets!

Cate challenges Dave and Mike with their insights and predictions into investor numbers and government intervention. From vacancy taxes, rent freezes, superannuation, and first home buyer initiatives, they have some fun debating the possibilities. Cate also touches on the tax opportunities that could arise as our baby-boomer generation age.

Mike’s insights into developer activity and construction is intriguing. It’s a must-listen!

Interest rates and inflation…. where do Cate, Mike and Dave think they will land in 2024? Their responses aren’t aligned either.

The Trio agree that rental vacancy rates aren’t likely to improve for renters and Cate gives Victoria a special mention for double digit rental growth for the year.the Trio also contemplate listing numbers for the new year and the impact that this could have on the markets.

And lastly, Dave, Cate and Mike toy with unlikely and the unpopular as they discuss the biggest potential threats to the market.

Gold Nuggets

While they’ve enjoyed putting together this episode, they remind listeners that predictions can be fickle. “Hotspotting is never as important as the planning”, says Mike.


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