Fundamentals of Money Management

What can we learn from Jordan B Peterson on money management

In ‘12 Rules For Life– an antidote to chaos’ by Jordan B Peterson, two aspects of his book resonate clearly with the power of money management. One is the reference to our life being constantly somewhere on a scale that has ‘Chaos’ at one end and ‘Order’ at the other.

The other was his Rule # 6 – ‘Set your house in perfect order before you criticise the world’.

These two excerpts from this international bestselling book speak to us directly about the power of having an effective Money Management System in our lives. Money Management is not just about saving money to invest. It is much, much more than that. It can create order in your life. It can mean setting great habits for your children. It can mean you are more at peace with the world, where you’ll find you’re less likely to ‘criticise the world’ to use Jordan’s terminology for your own downfalls.

A successful Money Management System will ensure you’ll feel like you’re winning against the large corporations who you pay money to each month rather than being on the receiving end!

You’re now working the system to your advantage and rowing with the current downstream. It can transpire into greater harmony at home.

And ultimately, it can result in financial independence if you’ve practised this over the remainder of your life. As we know, once something becomes a habit, it takes very little effort to keep it going.

Let’s face it, money is a necessity to live life. The way we manage it does impact us emotionally. It just makes sense to approach how we accumulate money with an investment of time, energy and thought. Huge benefits will pay off, both financially and emotionally.

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