Should I develop or renovate

Renovating, extending or doing a knockdown

Purchasing an investment property in a tightly held location where there is evidence of the specific dwelling type being renovated and selling well is a good indicator of demand for now and into the future.

You want to look for evidence showing that you can get a two dollar return on every dollar spent from an investment perspective. This is less relevant for a home, but still, something to consider.

The ability to add value to the property through strategies such as adding a bedroom or living space whilst maintaining the floor plan’s natural flow are usually the most effective methods without over capitalising.

If you choose to purchase a property to renovate, you should strive to ensure the property could be renovated considering the following:

  • Limited impact on the structure (bones) of the house to limit expense.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the floor plan, so it continues to have a consistent flow between the living spaces, outdoor and bedrooms after any extension.
  • A strong presence from the street frontage (that you would not adjust).


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