Auction results – 22 March 2021

The highlights from last weekend’s auction results are below. In many regards they are click and repeat each week at the moment: 

  1. The national auction clearance rate was 82.0%, holding steady from last week’s 83.2%. This time last year was 56.9%.
  2. Auction volumes increase, as expected with a total of 2,731 auctions held, compared with 2,232 last week. Auction volumes are higher than last year’s 2,599, an expected increase because auctions perform better in a strong market.
  3. For the eighth week in a row, Canberra and Sydney return clearances above 80%, with all capital cities returning above 70% clearance rates which once again, means a very strong market.
  4. Sydney has taken the mantle from Canberra of the highest clearance rate, clocking in 87.5% out of a total of 1,048 auctions.
  5. From now comparing auction outcomes to this time last year becomes quite useless as we all went into lockdown. Remember those days, hopefully they never return!

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