Auction results – 19 April 2021

The property market continues its burgeoning recovery.

Here are the highlights from last weekend’s auctions: 

  1. The national auction clearance rate was 80.5%, remaining at very high levels following last week’s 79.9%.
  2. Auction volumes increased with a total of 2,448 auctions held, compared with 2,170 last weekend. 
  3. Over the same week one year ago, restrictions around onsite auctions and physical home inspections were still impeding activity with only 30% of homes selling over the week across 1,922 auctions, in what once again will prove to have been some of the best buying opportunities.
  4. For the tenth week in a row, Canberra and Sydney return clearances above 80%.
  5. Canberra continues recording the strongest clearance rate, with 87.4%, although off a low base of auctions.
  6. NSW’s Best performing areas included the Northern Beaches and Central Coast, while Melbourne’s was the Mornington Peninsula, which indicates the continual shift of money towards lifestyle purchases along coastal areas.

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