06/04/16 What is Capital Gains Tax?

As 30 June approaches and our attention turns to tax, it’s time for a lesson on one of the taxes that has the greatest impact on an investor’s wealth.

26/02/16 How negative gearing works

Negative gearing is a part of life for Australian investors, and a property buzz word. So what is it?

27/10/15 6 tips for first time property investors

Owning an investment property is a great financial goal to work towards. If you invest correctly, property investment can yield big returns and the risks can be managed. So how does one go about preparing to be a first time property investor? Here are six tips for starting out...

09/09/15 Why you should strive to buy rather than rent

For those still deciding whether to rent or buy, it can be a tough decision. There are certainly benefits to both and weighing up the choices can be hard. However, keeping the long term benefits in mind, the advantages of purchasing a home stack up pretty well.

13/05/15 Should you team up to buy property?

We all know property prices are rising. That has been the case for a long time and will likely continue for a long time to come, which can make saving for a deposit harder. So is it time to consider buying property with someone else?

04/03/15 How to pick the right tenant

Many investors have already experienced the tenant from hell. It may have been daily calls to fix a loose door handle or unexplained holes in the walls and broken glass.

21/01/15 What to expect from property in 2015

What to expect from property in 2015 - By Peter "The Property Professor" Koulizos To be able to forecast what we can expect in 2015, we need to take a close look at the current state of the economy and property market.

24/12/14 2014 The year in property

2014: the year in property

27/11/14 Investment returns how does property shape up?

People invest for all kinds of reasons. Some wish to retire earlier, some wish to work part-time and others may want to stop working all together. Read More

14/11/14 Traps and Tips of Buying Property Interstate

We know from looking at the data that most investors buy property in their home state. Even though your home state or city may not be the best place to invest in, one of the great advantages of property is that you can see it, touch it and feel it.

13/10/14 Why owning property can help you sleep better

Why owning property can help you sleep better

09/05/14 The Property Professor Peter Koulizos discusses all things renovation

PPA's "Property Professor" Peter Koulizos teams up with some DIY renovation experts to discuss all things renovation

30/04/14 What is a POPI

What is a POPI (Property Options for Pensioners & Investors)?

17/10/13 Postcode Spotlight Exeter South Australia

The Property Professor visits the suburb of Exeter in South Australia to assess its investment pros and cons.

26/09/13 Choosing Whether to hold or sell Investment Property

If you own investment property you should be regularly assessing its performance, and deciding whether to hold on to the asset, sell it, or make other changes (such as renovating, raising rent, or developing). To help you make this assessment, you should ask the following questions to professionals working with you. The answers can help guide your decision.

19/09/13 Postcode Spotlight Camperdown 2050

The Property Professor visits the suburb of Camperdown in NSW to assess its investment pros and cons.

04/09/13 Postcode Spotlight Brighton 4017

The Property Professor visits the suburb of Brighton in Queensland to assess its investment pros and cons.

04/09/13 Questions to Ask When Buying Investment Property

You will need to deal with many professionals when you are buying, managing and selling your property or shares. It’s crucial that you ask the right questions of these professionals so that you understand their roles, how they can help you and what their help or advice will cost.

29/08/13 Factors to Think About When Developing Property

If you’re considering developing a property as part of an investment strategy, there are a number of factors to think about. The Property Professor, Peter Koulizos, delves into the details.

21/08/13 Why You Should Consider Investing in Commercial Property

Commercial property can be a great investment, especially for investors who are seeking cash flow.

29/07/13 Postcode Spotlight Thorneside 4158

The Brisbane suburb of Thornside gets a visit from the Property Professor. Is it a wise investment area? Median House Price - $384,000 Median Unit Price - $265,000

15/07/13 Top Tax Tips for Property Investors

As we enter into a new financial year, it's time to recap some tax tips for property investors.

22/05/13 Postcode Spotlight Sans Souci 2219

The Property Professor pays a visit to the Sydney suburb of Sans Souci to review its investing appeal.

29/04/13 Postcode Spotlight Narrabundah 2604

The Property Professor pays a visit to the Canberra suburb of Narrabundah to review its investing appeal. Median House Price - $688,000 Median Unit Price – $483,000

10/12/12 2013 What Can Investors Expect?

The Property Professor looks at the year ahead for property investors, and tells us which suburbs are worth a closer look.

04/12/12 Postcode Spotlight Footscray 3011

Overcoming a trouble history, Melbourne's inner west suburb of Footscray is on the rise as a diverse, attainable investment for property seekers. The Property Professor pays a visit.

26/11/12 Postcode Spotlight Albion 4010

The inner north-eastern Brisbane suburb of Albion is being tipped as an emerging property hot spot. The Property Professor takes a closer look. (

23/10/12 Postcode Spotlight Hallett Cove 5158

Hallett Cove offers investors potential plus by the South Australian coast. The Property Professor takes a closer look.

03/10/12 Rental Property Review Checklist

Here's five tips to help you review whether you're getting the best return on your rental property investment (

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