Why We Are Unique

Property Planning Australia is a young, dynamic and progressive company that is evolving with both our client’s needs and the rapidly changing market place we work in.

We do not believe a property investment is better than share market investment or visa versa. We analyse both markets and can see each asset class has unique characteristics that will help you achieve different objectives.

Too many advisors focus on either property or shares and advocate one asset is better that the other. They zero in on a single strategy and recommend it to all their clients as the only way forward and as a result have a narrow level of advice to offer their clients.

Some property and financial advisors receive significant commissions for recommending one investment over another. – a clear conflict of interest.

In addition many home loan advisors have access to a limited product range and recommend the same home loans to all their clients, even though other home loans in the market may be more suitable. Some home loan advisors also sell their own home loan products – so it’s hard to know whether you’re really getting the best loan for your needs.

This approach fails to recognise that individual investors have unique personal and financial circumstances. They have different goals, incomes, debt levels, savings or equity, family circumstances, investment timeframes and tolerance for risk.

Advice for you – not for the masses

As the nation’s first integrated independent property, genuine fee for service financial planning and holistic home loan advisory service, Property Planning Australia is committed to giving you genuinely personalised advice, drawn from a wide range of investment strategies and loan products.  We undertake a full assessment of your personal situation, financial circumstances and goals, including a comprehensive risk profile.  Only then do we develop a strategy that’s truly tailored to you and you alone.

Changing with you

Property Planning Australia is in constant touch with the changing property, investment and mortgage markets.  Our recommendations are based on past market trends, our assessment of what’s happening now, and what may lie ahead in the future.

When your situation or requirements change (as they inevitably will!) we will review your strategy to ensure they remain effective.  You won’t have to shop around for another company — and you won’t be locked into a strategy that no longer delivers the goods.

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

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