What Your Financial Advisor May Not be Telling You

Recently, Property Planning Australia (PPA) received a letter from a developer. We receive a handful of these every month. Click here to read the letter. It indicates that if we promote housing in a certain area, the developer would pay us a fee of 4% on the sales price!

Based on the sale price of $549,000 a financial advisor might stand to earn $21,960 from pushing you into poor quality real estate! Under the table arrangements like these is what drives PPA crazy! So we are taking a stand and making these letters public. All client deserve to know about this arrangements and you should ask your financial advisors what they have to gain if they are trying to sell you property.

You have our assurance that Property Planning Australia will never work with any developers (or spruikers as we refer to them) and have never done so for over 12 years (since we started).

Our intent here is to highlight the dirty tricks of developers and highlight that some developers deploy in order to get your money. Watch out for brokers, accountants, financial planners and other individuals who receive dodgy kick-backs.

We will always continue our independent approach to property education and planning that has made our clients millions of dollars for more than a decade.

Ask yourself, and your friends and family, what isn’t your financial advisor telling you?

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