What is the importance of a borrowing strategy? | Your First Home Buyer Guide podcast

With first home buyers entering the market in droves, it was timely to catch up with Veronica Morgan and Meighan Wells on Ep#9 of the “Your First Home Buyer Guide Podcast” to discuss the importance of mortgage strategy.

Everyone knows that you can get a low interest rate and that will save you money. What most people don’t get is how an effective mortgage strategy can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, over the same period.

Dave, Veronica and Meighan take you through:

  1. What is a borrowing or mortgage strategy?
  2. Important things first time buyers need to think about before approaching a property purchase.
  3. What do rent-vestors need to consider that owner-occupiers don’t need to worry about?
  4. Beware of anyone offering a cookie cutter approach – your circumstances and goals are unique!
  5. What if you intend to make your first home a future investment?
  6. Why interest rates are not the be all and end all.
  7. Avoidable mistakes that first home buyers commonly make.
  8. Risks associated with online lenders – don’t expect them to look after your best interests.
  9. What brokers offer that you can’t get going direct to bank.
  10. How can first home buyers make themselves more attractive as a mortgage customer?
  11. David’s special advice for first home buyers.

We also suggest you watch our Mortgage Strategy 101 YouTube Series Ep#1 “The top 5 Mortgage Strategies

If you’d like to discuss your property plans or mortgage strategy, please get in touch with us here.

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