Time’s Right for Upgraders

Those that are in a position to upgrade their current home are in one of the best situations in recent years to maximise the opportunity to purchase a higher calibre of property at a reduced price.

The home owner market between $900,000 and $3 Million is at the softest level that key agents have seen in the last 20 years. Those owner occupiers that have good levels of equity or have disposable cash can upgrade to a higher quality property in desirable locations for a lot less than for some time.

We recently reported that properties in the key market sectors of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney have been on the market an average of 30 days longer than for the same period last year. With the onset of the winter market and its traditional slowdown in sales this will only further enhance the buying opportunity for those seeking to upgrade.

An additional benefit of upgrading is the ability to revisit the current finance structure to see if you can secure a better rate or better terms and conditions. At Property Planning we can provide a cash flow analysis and analyse the impact of a proposed new purchase.

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