The Property Planner’s Fast Fact – Vacancy rates, location selection and long term trends!

You may understand that lower vacancy rates = scarcity of vacant investment properties which = the likelihood of your property being tenanted AND the possibility of increasing rents.

What often is not understood, is that looking at the long term vacancy rate trend over at least one full property cycle, and then comparing it to other suburbs within the city will provide you with a more appropriate picture.

In an ever increasing ocean of property data, the skill when assessing data is not only gathering data, but most importantly, figuring out which data matters.

This is very difficult without years of practice and analysis!

Just like the ocean, most of the volume of data lies underneath the surface.

When selecting the right location for developing a successful Property Plan, you need to think beyond the superficial here and now, the noise and your short term desires.

To be successful, you must consider the longer term – whether that relates to property data or your personal goals, the same rules apply.

Remember, to create your ideal lifestyle you need to……

Step 1 – Plan “get your long term property pathway clear”

Step 2 – Strategy “get clear on your next property decision within the context of your long term plan”

Step 3 – Select “buy the right property for your today and your tomorrow”

All the best with your Property Planning!

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