All things Mortgage Strategy! | The Property Planner, David Johnston appeared as a guest on the “What’s the Game Plan?” Podcast

This week, David Johnston joined Jordan De Jong and Joey D’Agata from What’s the game Plan? Podcast to discuss all things mortgage strategy and covered off on:

  1. The 5 top mortgage strategies for creating wealth that help you optimise tax deductions, hold property as you accumulate, manage your risk and support our money management.
  2. How and why it is costly to neglect your mortgage strategy before selecting a lender.
  3. How each of the mortgage strategies complement one another, and why they need to align with your Property Plan, for the short and long term.
  4. How an ineffective mortgage strategy can mean selling property you could have otherwise held and why this could cost in excess of a $1million by the time you reach retirement.
  5. The science behind how much you should fix, and why it should align with your risk profile.
  6. Why your repayment strategy is so vital to holding property over the long term and optimising tax deductions.
  7. Why competing lifestyle (home) and financial (investment) goals create complexity when developing your mortgage and property strategy given it is the only asset class we live in!
  8. Why the offset account is a critical feature of any mortgage strategy and how it interconnects with each of the top 5 mortgage strategies.
  9. The difference between an offset account and redraw (and why it matters!)
  10. What happens when you hit a borrowing ceiling with banks?

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