The Property Planner, David Johnston appeared as a guest on the “Elephant in the Room” Property Podcast

David Johnston, our managing director has appeared as a guest on the “Elephant in the Room” Property Podcast with Chris Bates and Veronica Morgan – Ep# 93 How to optimise future property opportunities through best finance structure
On this episode the trio discuss wide ranging topics such as how to develop a successful Property Plan, what a quality property investment looks like, mortgage strategies to grow your wealth, the Royal Commission’s impact on lending and the factors driving the rapid rebound in Sydney and Melbourne property values.
Make sure you stick around for the ‘Dumbo’ of the week segment where the guest is asked to share a common property mistake. David’s ‘Dumbo’ topic is how to maximise your financial return and ability to hold a stepping stone home so that it becomes an investment property when you upgrade. This tip alone could add an extra million dollars to your financial position as you enter retirement through being able to hold property as you grow your portfolio!
Check out our latest youtube video on this topic – “how to keep a stepping stone home when you upgrade

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