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In this article, featured in realestate.com.au, property professor Peter Koulizos looks at the pros and cons of investing in the Western Australian suburb of Halls Head.


Halls Head is 76 km South from Perth, on the coast and in the region generally referred to as Mandurah. In the main it is a new suburb. However, there is an older section of Halls Head. It is to the north and it still has a lovely sleepy sea side village feel about it. The most expensive section of Halls Head is to the north east where there are new properties fronting man made canals. The streets are quite wide but there are not many mature trees lining the streets as most of this suburb is new.

The main shopping centre, Halls Head Centro, is on the corner of Peelwood and Old Coast Rd. Old Coast Plaza is a smaller shopping in the north of the suburb. There are many schools in this suburb, reflecting the abundance of families with children in the area. The public and private schools cater for both primary and high school aged students. Transport to Perth is relatively easy along the freeway or you can drive to Mandurah and catch the train into Perth which will take approximately 55 minutes.

Why you should buy here

  • Relatively cheap coastal suburb
  • Lovely beaches, especially the north facing Halls Head Beach which is very family friendly due to wide expanse of sandy beach and sheltered waters.
  • There are some limited renovation opportunities if you purchase one of the original beach shacks or older properties closer to the water that are in need of “Tender, Loving, Care” (TLC).
  • Some development opportunities exist but these are usually snapped up by the large property developers as the land close to the water and/or with water views is very valuable.
  • Halls Head will benefit from the continuing revitalization of Mandurah from the planned spending of more funds from the private and public sector.

Areas to focus on
Close to the water or with a view of the water. Halls Head is slightly hilly in some places, resulting in elevated views of the area and in some cases, glimpses of the Indian Ocean.

Areas to avoid
Old Coast Road as it is the main road through this area and it carries a lot of traffic, seven days a week.

Happy House Hunting!
• Written by Peter Koulizos, university lecturer, author and property advocate.

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