Show notes – The Distance Dilemma: Decoding the Proximity Puzzle for Property Investors (Ep. 208)

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Market updates:

In this week’s episode, we kick things off with a fascinating discussion on the Westpac consumer sentiment index and the recent changes in our markets. Dave and Mike dive into the role of media versus money market commentary, while Cate sheds light on the shrinking confidence index for buying major household items, hinting at the impact of RBA rate increases.

Debunking Stereotypes: The Distance Dilemma 

The Trio challenges conventional wisdom by exploring the distance between investors’ properties and their primary residence. We present groundbreaking industry research that defies stereotypes, providing you with real data and insights that may surprise you. 

Unveiling Exclusive Data 

We are fortunate to have access to invaluable data from MCG Quantity Surveyor’s 1000 assets study. Join us as we share key findings from this annualised data release and delve into what prompted its collation. Prepare to be amazed by the depth of information at our fingertips! 

Post-Pandemic Property Investing Shifts 

The pandemic has reshaped the way investors approach property purchases. The trio discuss the significant changes in the average distance between investors’ properties and their homes. Brace yourselves for astonishing statistics and uncover the drivers behind this seismic shift. 

The Factors Behind Remote Investing 

Discover how the acceptance of remote business has revolutionized property investing. Explore the advantages of engaging professionals from different parts of the country, the rise of regionalization, and the role of online platforms in facilitating smarter investment decisions. 

The Power of Data and Insights 

The Property Trio believe in the power of data-driven insights. Join us as we sift through the radii findings, analyzing the pre-, pandemic, and post-pandemic average distances. Gain a deeper understanding of the changing dynamics and the impact on property investment strategies. It’s a gripping discussion that showcases the trio’s love for great data! 


Gold Nuggets:

David Johnston’s gold nugget: This is a great example of why people need to dig a bit deeper with the data! There are lots of different layers and explanations as to why the data occurred the way it did and it’s important that people look deeper to make their own decisions.

Mike Mortlock’s gold nugget: If buyers are purely looking to invest for the best results, there are all sorts of things that can pull us down the rabbit hole when we lose objectivity. Investors need to treat property buying as a business, ignoring some of the white noise and bias that can strike.



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