Show notes – Tackling Housing Affordability – Part 2: The Trio’s Blueprint to Foster a Healthy Property Market (Ep. 246)

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Episode Highlights

1.20 – Recap of how the Trio describe a healthy property market

6.00 – Is short-stay accommodation creating an issue?

9.30 – Will the day come when the government decides to entice investors back?

15.48 – Dave’s ideas to solve the housing crisis – some great financial strategy focuses

18.59 – Sneak peak into next week’s ep…. Settlement day – what could possibly go wrong?

32.04 – Support housing for critical workers.

38.54 – Dave’s clanger for the show… a tough political move!


Show notes

In this innovative, two part series, the Trio share their own ideas and ideals to contribute to some solutions for solving the housing crisis.

Dave is clear. “It’s all supply, supply, supply”. But he is clear on the need to define the ‘ideal’ balance being agreed and struck.

Cate and Dave debate the short-stay accommodation impact on rental supply… is short-stay problematic? Mike weighs in with his thoughts.

Will the day come when the government(s) decide to entice investors back? As Cate points out, limited investor participation is dangerous. But politicians need votes. The Trio tackle consider some possibilities, but questioning the disincentives is their first stop.

The Trio share their ideas, with Cate’s investor-incentives, and Dave’s finance considerations. Cate contemplates the role that banks could play with postcode-based information. Mike likes the idea of moving towards a more European approach; long lease terms. Tune in to hear more.

How could lending changes enhance our chances of improving the housing crisis? And what changes to some great existing government policies could make a significant difference?

“Some of this is a function of being one of the wealthiest nations in the world”.

How can we provide support housing for critical workers? And how can we provide crisis accommodation? Does decentralising government services have a positive impact on housing? Cate runs through quite a few of the Trio’s ideas.

There is no doubt that many solutions have unintended consequences. Political decisions aren’t easy, and tax reform and legislative change are often unpopular. The Trio recognise this and reflect on the power of consultation and healthy debate.


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