Show notes – Rental Revolution Revealed – Unit Rents Gain Ground on Houses, a Temporary Surge or Lasting Trend? (Ep. 251)

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Episode Highlights

1.45 – Dave “The rising tide of unit rents:closing the gap with houses in the capital cities

10.40 – Houses vs units – how do the major capitals compare?

14.28 – Will Cate’s predictions ring true?

17.55 – Teaser for next week’s episode… a listener question around loan structuring and future-proofing

39.15 – Gold Nuggets


Show notes

For today’s episode, Dave throws it out to Mike… the paper that Mike’s business has uncovered relates to growth of rents in units, contrasted to house rental price growth.

Median rental growth for units have eclipsed that of houses, but why? The Trio unpack their theories…..

Are investors pushing rents up or is the supply/demand equation speaking up? Mike hands the wooden spoon to the Victorian Parliament.

Dave asks, how much of the rental growth in units is catch up from previous stagnating growth or is this the status quo going forward?

“People always want to be close to the action”… Mike ponders the pull of the city. And Cate mentions traffic congestion… is it an issue?

Labour shortage is challenging our economy. As Mike and Dave point out, “Anyone who wants a job, can have one.”

Cate sheds light on unit performance in Melbourne and the investors who feel disenfranchised. We now have an undersupply issue that has challenged units in Melbourne. But what is Mike’s data telling us?

“How is our aging population likely to challenge this data?”, asks Dave. Mike shares his thoughts.

And why is WA outperforming? The Trio shed light on this outperformance.


Gold Nuggets:

Dave Johnston’s gold nugget: Dave looks forward to the pub!

Mike Mortlock’s gold nugget: Unit yields may outperform houses. Mike ponders affordability and concludes that units should be considered.

Cate Bakos’s gold nugget: “There are markets within markets. It’s pockets, it’s streets, it’s orientation. You have to remember to use the data wisely when you have a specific wish list.”



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60 – Why established properties outperform

169 – Houses vs units – Capital growth performance in capital cities and regions over the last 20 years and which locations have units outperformed houses and why?

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