Show notes – Celebrating 5 Years of The Property Trio – Our Journey and Favourite Property, Mortgage and Money Insights (Ep. 260)

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Episode Highlights

0.56 – Mike opens the 260th show!

8.01 – Pete and his love of Greek food gets a replay

13.19 – Why don’t the Trio invite guests on the show? Mike teases the answer out of Cate and Dave

20.07 – Next week’s teaser… we answer a listener question about a dilemma that may lead to rent-vesting

28.24 – The Trio have each selected their favourite snippets from the early eps

38.18 – Gold Nuggets


Show notes

Mike opens our 260th episodes, congratulating Dave and Cate on five years of podcasting. The Trio have decided to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on some of the eps, and the special bond that they all share, Pete included.

Cate gives the listeners a bit of background about what drove the market update deliveries, and how the show has evolved as a result of lockdowns and listener feedback. Reflecting on the initial seven episodes from their pilot run has been fascinating and they share a few fun soundbites.

Why don’t the Trio invite guests on the show? They actually imagined at the start that they would, but it’s become a point of difference to stick to the Trio (plus Pete for the occasional appearance). Cate expands on why the show is likely to remain as just the three hosts.

Deep-diving into the data, and in particular their chosen topics has a dual benefit for the Trio. Sometimes they select a topic that really stretches their own knowledge.

Replacing Pete was no mean feat and Cate reflects on Mike’s appointment and some of his cheeky antics.

The Trio have each selected some of their favourite snippets from the early days …. we hope you enjoy!


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