Roland and Madison Share Their Property Planning Experience With You!

Big thank you to Roland and Madison! A wonderful, recently engaged couple, who had the courage and confidence to share their journey of purchasing their first home using the Property Select Plus service. 

Listen to Roland and Madison share their experience in a very sweet and unscripted way.  

Be sure to stay tuned  for Madison letting us know that Roland didn’t want to seek external advice, but how he had the wisdom of Solomon to listen to his future wife, and the rest, as they say is history….. 😊 

They are a wonderful example of our Property Planning community, two young up and coming professionals with an exciting lifetime ahead of them. 

Congratulations on the pending settlement of your first home! 

Here’s what they had to say…… 

  • Worked out non-negotiables as individuals and as a couple, which helped them gain clarity and fast track their decision.  
  • Were able to narrow in on locations they were looking at and why, and what would make a good home whilst also having part of an eye on investment for their stepping stone home.  
  • Thought they understood the property market, but not what makes a good investment, and had a lot of well-meaning people in their ear causing well-meaning confusion! 😊 
  • Talk about the science behind the experience and the deep property review report and analysis that provided the facts to educate and empower them to make the right decision. 
  • How they were able to ascertain return V risk and where they felt comfortable sitting on the ledger.  
  • Felt like they were not told this is right or this wrong, just educated as to what their options were, and that it was their decision! 
  • Received advice as to how to buy which to use their words was a ‘priceless insight’ into managing the buying process. 


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