Rent to Buy – What You Need to Know

With soaring property values in Sydney and Melbourne, an arrangement known as ‘rent to buy’ has recently been given more and more attention.

‘Rent to buy’ is an agreement between a tenant and landlord, where the landlord agrees to sell the property to the tenant at X price in Y years’ time. In return, the tenant agrees to pay extra rent each week, which is then taken off the total purchase price when it comes time to buy.

Whilst this can seem like a great option, this arrangement can be perilous to both the buyer and the seller as is usually the case where there are ‘bells and whistles’ wrapped around a property strategy. Beware of complexity or investing in anything that is not simple to understand!

Our partner in property education, Peter ‘the Property Professor’ Koulizos, illustrates the benefits and pitfalls.

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Peter Koulizos - The Property Professor
Combining the theory of property investment with more practical aspects, Peter teaches people how to have property investment success. Peter also researches property markets around the nation, looking for the best investment suburbs in each capital city. Specialising in property valuation and property economics, he not only has personal investment experience but also holds a teaching degree, Graduate Diploma in Property and Masters of Business (Property). Peter lectures in Property Investment for Tafe SA, Uni SA and also in the Property Investment course for Property Planning Australia across the country. Even though Peter has not been appointed a Professor, his extensive research writing and teaching in property has earned him the tag the "Property Professor". His focus is on providing independent information and education for the general public. Together with David Johnston, Peter presents the only university-accredited property education course in Australia and consistently attracts high enrolment figures. To find out when he is lecturing next in your state send us an email. Check out Peter's regular Suburb review with Your Investment Property Magazine.
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