Yesterday David Johnston joined Sue Langeder from Real Estate Right to discuss in depth the ‘Ins and Outs of Purchasing Off the Plan Property’ where they covered:
1. Why depreciation means spending a dollar to get less than 50c back, plus the asset is going backwards in value
2. What is the land to asset ratio and how it affects capital growth – checkout
3. The risk of how your financial circumstances and lifestyle preference could change between purchase and settlement
4. Why knowing the contract back to front is so vital
5. What aspects of the property the developer can change without your consent
6. Why a holding deposit does not guarantee you have purchased the property
7. Why future infrastructure is often not a positive for residential property prices
8. Hidden costs – developer incentives to get you to purchase and artificially inflate values
9. First time buyer incentives are great but they should not be the reason for purchasing new property
10. Real life examples of where purchasing off the plan has gone horribly wrong
11. And more!

Listen to the full episode here