Property TV with David Johnston & Cate Bakos | Using mortgage strategy to create wealth

With new home loan commitments hitting new record highs each month, it was timely to turn our thoughts back to mortgage strategy, a critical and often overlooked avenue for wealth creation and protection. David caught up with good friend and podcast co-host, Cate Bakos to discuss “Using mortgage strategy to create wealth” on  Property TV.
Tune in as they discuss:
  1. The difference between having a mortgage and a mortgage strategy.
  2. The 5 categories of mortgage strategy to support wealth creation and risk management.
  3. The personal considerations to factor in when devising your mortgage strategy.
  4. How to manage risk during periods of life with reduced or fluctuating income and other risk management strategies to incorporate in your mortgage strategy.
  5. How your future Property Plans and purchases help to shape your mortgage strategy.
  6. How and why your mortgage strategy provides wealth creation opportunities right through to retirement.
  7. The common areas overlooked when people don’t have a mortgage strategy.
  8. The dangers of short-term thinking.
  9. Why determining mortgage strategy should be your first step, then lender and rate selection should follow.
  10. The false economies to beware of when making mortgage decisions.
  11. How to preserve your tax deductions for future purchases.
  12. Top tips for those seeking a mortgage in 2021.
If you’d like to discuss your property plans or mortgage strategy, please get in touch with us here.

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