Property Select

Find, negotiate and secure the right property!
Have you ever wondered how buyer’s agents do it?

Are you concerned about making a mistake when you buy your property?

Have you ever thought it’s a rushed decision – you have 1-2 viewings of a property before and going to an auction, not really knowing what it’s worth and spending more money than you physically have – all the while hoping to get it right?

That’s where we can help.

We take the veil off how Buyer’s Agents select and assess A-grade properties and teach you how to do it yourself.
Learn the secrets of A-Grade buyer’s agents!

Select and purchase property with ease.

Avoid buyer’s agents fees of $10,000-$20,000+

The right strategy for your next property decision could be anywhere in Australia.

Your property strategy and location selection tailored to you.

We help you understand and consider the many layers that go into making a great property decision.
We will ask you the right questions covering your risk appetite, values, goals, lifestyle and financial aspirations.

You will be empowered to think about what is right for your next property decision in the context of your long-term plans.

Roland and Madison share their Property Select experience with you
We developed Australia’s first location web-based application.
We can analyse any location in Australia, anytime and provide you with the insights in a written report.

The application scrapes specifically selected data on liveability, demographics, financial analysis, supply and demand from various data providers in Australia.

We provide you the structure you need to take the guess work out of your decision:
  1. Education on what makes a quality location and property;
  2. A framework to make sure it meets your future home needs;
  3. A checklist to make sure it’s a quality property;
  4. Comparable sales in the area to understand what others are spending;
  5. We provide a detailed review of up to 5 properties you are interested in buying so you know you’re on track and finally;
  6. We provide you with a how-to-guide to negotiate.
We can target any location in the country, at any time.