Property Professor Peter Koulizos Speaks

Peter Koulizos does not sell real estate so his comments come purely and simply from his knowledge and are made for the benefit of people that he is educating. He talks of the fact that interest rates are at a record low and are tipped to go even lower, that property prices have slightly dropped in certain areas and that rents are still gradually on the increase.

In his view there never has been a better time to buy. He is not suggesting that you will immediately make money, but that in the next two or three years property prices will start rising again and at this stage you will be able to cash in on your gains. Should I say, capitalize on your gains, as you will be able to borrow against the increased property values.

Of course, no one is sure, but it is unlikely that interest rates will rise very fast either. It is expected that it will take a while for the economy to turn around and until it starts moving quite quickly it is expected that interest rates will only rise gradually.

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