The Property Planner, David Johnston appeared as a guest on the “Geared for Growth” Podcast

Take a listen to the ‘Geared for Growth’ Podcast where David Johnston was the guest of Mike Mortlock and discussed all things property planning, mortgage strategy, the property market and economy!

The Geared for Growth property investing podcast was created by Mike out of a desire to provide value to his property investor clients. The idea is to source Australia’s leading property investment experts and find how they and their clients are achieving exceptional results.

Mike and Dave talk through setting the plan about what you’re trying to achieve with property, where you’re wanting to live, what sort of retirement income you’re looking at, what your risk profile is prior to purchasing the property to make sure it fits your strategies and goals. It’s a great interview on the planning side of investing in property, which I think it’s one of the key reasons why property investors aren’t hitting their goals.

It was great to see Mike share an understanding of the importance in getting your ducks in a row prior to buying through having a clear long term plan and strategy, before getting to the sexy part of selecting and negotiating the property!! 😄

As Mike said, you need to eat your veges before you can have your dessert!! 😉

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