Interpreting data to uncover an outstanding property and location– and how to sort the gold from the lies, damn lies and statistics! (Ep. 8)

Welcome to the “Property Planner, Buyer and Professor”, Australia’s fiercely independent property podcast!

You will be taken on a journey of discovery through the maze of property, mortgage and money decisions to empower you to create your ideal lifestyle! You will be educated and receive fiercely independent insights.

In our eighth episode, and now on our own Podcast channel, our Property Planner, Buyer and Professor will be discussing “How to sort the data ‘gold’ from the lies, when it comes to property and location data analysis. “

Data can provide great insights, but it will never give you the full picture.

One of the key errors a property investor can make is hanging your hat on data. You need to be careful that you are not the artist painting the canvas with the data and statistics that tell you the story you want to hear!

Listen to our three experts as they dissect the different types of data, data providers and the way the information can be sliced and diced!

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