Property Plan

Get clarity on your home and investment property decisions

As a time-poor professional, you are looking for fiercely independent and sophisticated property, mortgage and money management service tailored to you.

  • Are you unsure whether your next property decision should be a home or investment?
  • Do you feel like you should be planning for your biggest property and financial decisions?
  • Would you like a thorough analysis of all your existing property’s so you can understand the quality, and the implications of holding or selling as part of future property decisions?
  • Do you want to set long term goals and reverse engineer a plan to meet your goals?
  • Do you want education and advice that is tailored to you?
  • Are you sure you are managing risk effectively?
Every decision you make should maximise your lifestyle or wealth, whilst minimising risk
Think of a Property Plan this way – imagine what ‘financial planning’ could be if no investment, insurance or superannuation products were sold AND property was the core asset included in the advice.
The Property Plan Experience
  • Up to four personalised planning and strategy reports.
  • A minimum of three planning and strategy meetings.
  • Unlimited education, advice, guidance and support via phone and email.
  • Two property success books by our company founder David Johnston.
  • Up to five education hand-books, including content from our University Endorsed education course.
Your 3 Steps to your unique Property Plan



understanding you


the right pathway for you



the right property for you

You are unique, and so is your Property Plan

Step 1: Plan

We help you understand and consider the many layers that go into making a great property decision. We ask you the right questions covering your risk appetite, values, goals, lifestyle and financial aspirations.

You will be empowered to think about what is right for your next property decision in the context of your long-term plans. You will:

  • Set short and long-term goals.
  • Be clear on your before-tax and after-tax income and expenses.
  • Get clear on your Money Management habits, or lack thereof!
  • Define your values and risk profile.
  • Consider your preferred investment property pathway.
  • Work through a framework for a future home.
  • A full assessment and personalised report of your existing property portfolio including location analysis.

It makes sense to seek specialist independent advice for accumulating your largest financial asset.

Step 2: Strategy

Failing to plan properly for your long-term home can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can make.

Your Strategy will enable you to be clear on your next property decision in the context of your long term property pathway. This includes being clear on:

  • Your long term property pathway
  • Whether your next decision is a home (lifestyle) or investment property
  • Holding or selling any existing properties
  • Money goals
  • Mortgage strategy
  • Money management system
  • Price range
  • Location
  • Asset type

Missing a step or two can have huge consequences and lead to property mistakes costing hundreds of thousands, and even millions in opportunity cost over your lifetime. Based on your price range and strategy – should you focus on capital growth, balanced or yield orientated properties? What should your macro location and financial return be? What should the asset type be? Do you have land tax considerations? What is your diversification strategy?

That’s where we can help!

Step 3: Select
  • Learn the secrets of A-Grade buyer’s agents!
  • Select and purchase property with ease.
  • The right strategy for your next property decision could be anywhere in Australia.

Have you ever wondered how buyer’s agents do it? Are you concerned about making a mistake when you buy your property? Have you ever thought it’s a rushed decision – you have 1-2 viewings of a property before and going to an auction, not really knowing what it’s worth and spending more money than you physically have – all the while hoping to get it right?

Hear from
Our Clients

“The whole process from my first contact, to receiving the completed plans this week has been fantastic and I feel much more confident in my decisions now. You have both helped me increase my knowledge and view of property investment to levels I never would have thought possible six months ago! So again thank you!”


“I have been really happy with all the services provided by Property Planning and everyone that I have been in contact with have been of great help. If I come across anyone that could use your service I will definitely recommend Property Planning to them.”


Thank you for our comprehensive Property Plan and your time today and throughout this process. It’s been invaluable having a holistic view of our current situation and a much better understanding of our options and potential scenarios moving forward. We are learning a lot from working with you and will be able to make better informed decisions in the future.

Camila and Lachlan,

Our property plan has been invaluable – it has helped us clearly understand our property goals and provide a road map to get there. We now feel that we have the right strategic financing in place and we have a much better understanding of where we are going. David is a true professional who takes the time to truly understand every aspect of your personal situation and provides excellent advice in a concise manner. We would have no hesitation recommending this service to our friends or family!

Mark and Renee,

Lifestyle goals and long-term thinking is vital