What Property Investors Should Seek Across Cities

Have a read of this article in the fin review over the weekend. #whatpropertyinvestorsshouldseekacrosscities

The premise of the article in essence is to provide guidance on what to look for in the capital cities in the ‘future’. That tricky place!

The Sydney and Melbourne sections contain ideas that are ‘funky’ and imaginative, but not strategies that will have traction for the vast majority of the population.

Then we come to Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Darwin. Due to the median price still being ‘affordable’ the commentary is less ‘creative’ and more realistic and, shall we say, on the money as to what makes a good investment.

Here are a few quotes from the other five states as to what you should invest in! See if you can find any discernible difference?

  1. ‘Contemporary extensions on classic homes’
  2. ‘Character style dwellings that have been renovated’
  3. ‘Older Perth houses on bigger blocks’

Sound familiar!

For 13 years we have been helping our clients buy in Sydney and Melbourne with this line of thinking. They have done ok! Unfortunately these properties are not quite as affordable anymore, but the same principles apply. The fundamentals do not change!

Remember to not lose sight of what is logical.


All the best with your Property Planning

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