Property Education

Property Education is at the heart and soul of what we do

As one of the four pillars of all Property Planning services, it is a critical component of successful property decisions.

The Property Plan and Strategic Mortgage Broking incorporates our Property Education principles.

Property Education weaves into every service that we provide.

You are unique – that is why your Property Plan, Strategy and Selection must be personalised

Your goals are unique.

Your financial situation is unique.

Your timeline to retirement is unique.

How can Independent Property Advice and Property Education co-exist with a one size fits all strategy!

Beware of Property Salespeople Masquerading as Property Advisers
Run from anyone receiving an income selling or recommending property

Do you want independent property advice or to be sold a property?

Always ask, how do you get paid if you do not charge a fee?

Beware of one-size fits all strategies

Not every strategy is right for every person.

Steer clear of property sales people who spruik ‘everyone – should do it this way – every time’.

There are unlimited strategies.

If you are being sold a one-size fits all strategy, walk away!

Peter Koulizos, David Johnston and Property Planning Australia

Australia’s leading university and tafe property educator Peter ‘the Property Professor’ Koulizos partnered with David Johnston and the team over a decade ago.

The partnership began through their shared values and desire to put consumers needs first.

Enduring relationships happen for a reason!

Together we delivered the only university endorsed Property Investment Course.

The Property Investment Course – Success for over a decade

We have been running this course longer than most ‘competitors’ have been in business.

The course provided a platform free from vested interests and covered topics such as:

  • what drives property values,
  • real estate investment strategies
  • the importance of a Property Plan
  • mortgage strategy
  • money management
  • risk management
  • and other topics including property related law and tax

All aspects of our property education course are integrated into our products and services.

Property Select for the DIY’s
We support you throughout the property purchase process!

Step 1 – Property Planning comes first, this sets the foundation for your short, mid and long term.

Step 2 – Property and Mortgage Strategy is next, this enables you to be clear on the unique strategy for your next decision.

Then it is time to Property Select.

Why Property Select alone?

The search can be a seemingly endless struggle, eating up your most precious commodity, time.

Each weekend filled with house inspections until you find a property that you like.

Then comes the stress and excitement of the negotiation or bidding.

Am I making the right decision or a huge mistake?

Select the right asset

We support you throughout your Property Select experience with:

  • Location analysis
  • Asset selection
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Comparable sales
  • Negotiation strategies
  • And so much more
Most people start with the Property Selection when it should be your final step to success!

Purchasing can be a long and arduous process culminating in owning the most expensive asset in life.

If the wrong asset is chosen, it could be the biggest mistake you make.

Time is our most valuable commodity.

Do you have an expert in your corner?

What is peace of mind worth to you?

We are multi-award winning property experts since 2004.

We understand you are time-poor.

We educate you to make successful property decisions.

Imagine having an independent Property Planner in your corner!
Buyer’s Agent
We are big believers in ‘quality’ Buyers Agents!

For 7 years we had Buyers Agents in-house.

In 2004 there were 3 buyer’s agent in Australia and we were one of them, now there are 1,003!

We decided to narrow our focus and outsource this service to better serve you!

We realised it is implausible for us to have Buyers Agents in every corner of Australia!

Your next property location could be anywhere in Australia

It is logistically impossible for a Buyers Agent to be an expert in states they are not based in.

Buyers Agents are best when they focus on a select ‘patch’.

Your Property Selection should be tailored to you, not the location of a Buyers Agent!

We partner with hand-picked Buyers Agents across the country

We do not receive a fee.

Your financial situation, cash flow, goals, price point and time frame are all unique.

Your Property Plan, Strategy and Selection should be based on your unique situation

Develop your Property Plan, clarify your Property and Mortgage Strategy, then Property Select.

Do you know how to pick a superior Buyers Agent?