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Brighton is 21 km north of the Brisbane CBD. As with many suburbs around Australia with the same name, this Brisbane suburb is on the coast. It has retained its relaxed beach holiday atmosphere even though now it is a part of the Brisbane metropolitan area.

The majority of homes in Brighton are the old Queenslander style homes. There are many wide leafy streets in Brighton, with the more picturesque streets situated closer to the water.

There are small shopping precincts dotted throughout this suburb. The main shopping strip is in neighbouring Sandgate.

There are three primary schools in Brighton; Nashville, Brighton and St. Kieran’s Catholic School. The nearest high school, Bracken Ridge High School, is just across the busy highway known as Deagon Deviation. Brighton has a bus service. The nearest train station is in Sandgate.

The foreshore is popular with both residents and visitors, especially with people who are into water sports such as kite surfing and sail boarding.

Why you should buy here
It’s one of Brisbane’s cheapest seaside suburbs, with a median price well below that of Brisbane.

There are countless opportunities to add value through renovating. The many older homes, especially Queenslanders, respond particularly well to upgrading and updating. If you are considering renovating an old Queenslander type home, you need to ensure that you upgrade in the same style of the house and not go too contemporary or retro.

Brighton is easily accessible via public transport from the city, either by taking the bus all the way or catching the train to Sandgate and then a short bus ride to Brighton.

Areas to focus on
As with most beach side suburbs, the closer you are to the beach the better off you will be so far as capital growth is concerned. If you can afford it, Flinders Pde is an ideal spot to purchase property. In the elevated western section of Brighton, many properties have views of the mountains.

Areas to avoid
Beaconsfield Terrace is quite busy but not as hectic as the Deagon Deviation.

Happy House Hunting!

Written by Peter Koulizos, university lecturer, author and buyers advocate.

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