Peter Koulizos investigates investment opportunites in WA’s Port Kennedy.

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Port Kennedy is 52 km S from Perth and on the coast. Most of the homes are new but there is a pocket in the northern section where the more established homes are situated. There is a lovely north facing beach at the Kennedy Bay Resort. The Kennedy Bay development, which is scheduled for completion in 2014, will add value to the whole area. The golf club is nestled in between the beach and the residential area. With the golf club located adjacent the beach, there are not many homes that have quick access to the beach. The North West section of Port Kennedy is the only area where residents can easily walk to the beach.

There are two shopping centres, as well as an extensive bulky goods sector on the corner of Port Kennedy Drive and Warnbro Sound Ave. The four schools in this suburb give a clear indication of the demographics of the area; young families with school aged children. The Mandurah train line is adjacent the eastern boundary of Port Kennedy, but the nearest train station is in neighbouring Warnbro. There is also a bus servicing Port Kennedy.

Why you should buy here
– Cheap location close to the beach with easy access to Perth.
– The improvements to infrastructure between Mandurah and Perth have increased demand for property between the southern coastal suburbs of Perth and Mandurah. Port Kennedy is one of these suburbs. With the completion of the freeway and railway to Mandurah a number of years ago, it has opened up the whole area to residential and commercial development. Further planned spending of money by the private and public sectors is a good sign that this area will continue to grow and improve.

Areas to focus on
Some of the best areas are adjacent the golf course and to the north west of Port Kennedy. This area also provides easy access to the beach.

Areas to avoid
Purchasing property abutting Ennis Ave and Warnbro Sound Ave is best avoided. The freeway carries a lot of heavy vehicular traffic on Mondays to Fridays and plenty of holiday/weekender traffic on Saturdays and Sundays. Warnbro Sound Ave is a direct route to Rockingham. Avoid the industrial/bulky goods sector near the corner of Port Kennedy Drive and Warnbro Sound Ave.

• Written by Peter Koulizos, university lecturer, author and buyers advocate. Peter will be presenting at “The Essentials of Property Investment” seminar in Melbourne on 19th June. Click here for details.

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