Our 200th Ep: A special farewell to Pete and some wonderful memories to share of our journey (Ep. 200)

As Dave and Pete said at the start, “we made the double century”. This special episode is not only our 200th, but our last as “The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor.

The trio enjoyed reminiscing about the early days when the concept of the show became a reality. Speaking openly about their hopes, fears and feelings when the pilot launch aired back at the start of 2019, this retrospective is a special one.

From mapping out the first episodes to investing in the studio, Dave chats about the inspiration that led to the podcast that it’s become today. Pete recalls the turmoil that COVID caused for so many, and the ways that they worked around lockdowns with technology, enabling every episode to land in their listener’s feed during tough times.

A busy day for the trio on recording day. Here they all take a quick morning tea break

Dave explains how the show has taken shape over the years with listener questions, case studies and market updates peppered in between unique episodes, taking inspiration from listener feedback over the years.

This episode has some past sound bites from early episodes including some early calls and insights in relation to the inflation challenges the economy is grappling with today, and Cate’s potty mouth during Melbourne’s earthquake gets some laughs from the guys.

Cate shares some special listener reviews and our newest muscateer sends a special shout-out to Pete.

While Cate and Dave are particularly sad to be saying cheerio to Pete, he’s never going to be too far away and this episode was a joy for them all to produce.

Wishing our Property Professor many, happy years of semi-retirement, (because we all know he will truly never quite be able to fully retire from his love of property!).

Pete.. thank you for the memories and the fun on the show. Your clever one-liners, valuable stories and incredible ability to impart your property knowledge have been appreciated by us all.

“You don’t need to be a genius to do well in property. You just need to know a bit more than the last person”.
To sign off the 200th episode, we replay Pete singing us a special song.
…and in the coming days… Look out for our mini-episode launch of “The Property Trio” where Dave and Cate shad light on the interview process and the quest for the new third muscateer.
Listeners who have downloaded The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor podcast in their feed don’t need to do a thing. Your feed will automatically update to reflect the new name, The Property Trio.
Our new show notes will move to the new website following our 200th episode.

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