1. Interest rates are the lowest they have ever been.
  2. To get in ahead of the curve prior to income reduction, job pause, job loss or access to finance becoming more difficult.
  3. Move to a lower monthly repayment to improve your cash flow.
  4. Release equity to maximise your cash buffer.
  5. Consolidate debt to make repayments lower.
  6. Receive strategic advice regarding your mortgage strategy or buying a property.

And another reason…

Refinancing is an economic activity that helps to keep people in jobs at lending institutions, mortgage brokerages (30,000 jobs), investment, superannuation companies and interest earning depositors who are often retired (your debt comes from bank deposits and investors via residential mortgage backed securities), public service (EG treasury and government investments), and it helps to keep the liquidity of financial markets.

There are significant benefits for the broader society with every refinance. 

During the GFC, the governments bailed out the banks. In the ‘Great Virus’, the banks and government are bailing out and supporting businesses and those who have lost jobs – which impacts all of us one way or another.

We don’t say this often, a big thankyou to Australia’s big 4 banks and regulators, APRA in particular for ensuring that our banks were capitalised to historically high levels prior to this pandemic.  

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