Meet the Quantity Surveyor, Mike Mortlock (Ep. 202)

Previously known as The Property Planner, Buyer and Professor, the trio is now here to answer your questions.

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In this thrilling episode, after more than 200 episodes featuring the original podcaster intros, Dave and Cate welcome Mike to the show!

For this exciting episode, some 200 eps following the original podcaster intro’s, Dave and Cate introduce Mike!

They chat all things quantity surveying, but drill into the Novocastrian man behind the microphone… from his dangerous hobbies, to what it was that led him to his career as a ‘construction economist’.

Mike’s candid demeanour brings something special to the trio, and this particular recording sheds light on Mike’s zest for trends, data and the identification of property market drivers. Cate delves into the various facets of quantity surveying that requires Mike’s skillsets. This ranges from depreciation schedules, replacement cost estimates for insurance purposes, strata management schedules, among other activity.

We are thrilled to welcome Mike to the show and we look forward to scheduling some great episodes derived from his MCG Quantity Surveying 1,000 Assets Reports. Mike shares some intriguing snippets of data about lost depreciation benefits and the figure is staggering… .tune in to hear the details!

Gold Nuggets:

The Quantity Surveyor, Mike Mortlock: Journalistic bias is something that buyers should keep in perspective. Cognitive bias creeps into our thinking often, and it’s important we recognise this when making property decisions.

The Property Planner, David Johnston: Dave suggests that investors who haven’t actioned their depreciation schedules need to get in touch with a good Quantity Surveyor to claim their deductions. (As Mike says, “Thanks Dave… the cheque’s in the mail!”)


Below: Catch Dave and Mike’s You Tube coverage on Depreciation Schedules

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