Maximise Your Wealth – Mortgage Strategies for Savvy Investors

Tip #1:

Borrow as much as you can for the purchase price plus costs of your investment property  


you have a home loan still to be paid off and you are earning a salary so that you can claim the deduction on an investment.

Mortgage Strategy and Wealth Creation

We find that almost everyone who comes to us owning two or more properties is leaving cash on the table due to an ineffective mortgage structure.  

The benefits include:

  • Greater tax deductions to claim 
  • Your home loan paid off faster 
  • Ability to hold onto investment properties into retirement 
  • Turn your home into an investment when you upgrade (or downsize) 
  • Have a larger cash buffer to help you sleep at night, protect your wealth and for a rainy day 
  • Borrow to fund all deductible expenses on your investment 
  • Borrow less when you purchase your home due to extra cash reserves 
  • Use redraw to pay for non-deductible purchase such as renovations so more of your cash goes towards paying off your home loan.  

Take listen to the Property Trio podcast for all the tips and tricks on repayment strategy, using equity, keeping cash reserves, maximising the use of offsets accounts and different strategies based on your personal situation, even if you have only investment debt, or are planning on turning your home into an investment.

The True Cost of Investment Loans

Remember, investment loans can seem costlier due to higher interest rates, but they offer tax advantages that non-deductible debt doesn’t, which means they are actually cheaper if you are earning an income after the deductions! 

At Property Planning Australia, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize your wealth through strategic investment loan structuring. 

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Ready to Start Your Wealth Creation Journey?

At Property Planning Australia, we’re dedicated to helping you maximise your wealth through strategic investment loan structuring. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consult with one of our expert Strategic Mortgage Brokers. 

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