Independent Property Advice – Property Plan

The blueprint for your portfolio

Confused about the property market and concerned that you may make (or have already made) a very costly mistake?

Whether you’re buying a first home, upgrading your home, starting to build a property portfolio, or already have one, Property Plan can provide you with clarity and direction to put you right on track.

Property Plan is a complimentary meeting that: 

  1. Evaluates your current financial position — income, assets, commitments, borrowing capacity.
  2. Clarifies your financial goals and how they align with your personal goals — e.g. buy a home to live in / an asset to grow in value / provide an income stream vs travel / have children / change your working hours / downsize etc.
  3. Determines your investment timeframe (short-term / medium-term / long-term) and risk profile (conservative / moderate / aggressive).
  4. Considers your position in relation to crucial factors that are too often overlooked:
    • ownership structure — personal / company / trust? Which is right for you and will protect your tax position?
    • land tax — what is your liability, and how is it affected by your ownership structure?
    • Capital Gains Tax — how, and to what extent, will you be affected if you sell?
    • depreciation benefits — how do they impact on the value of your assets?
    • asset protection — what is the risk of losing your assets, and how can you minimise it?
    • insurance — which insurances do you need to protect your asset from unexpected incidents?
  5. Determines the most appropriate overall strategy — build equity / consolidate equity / generate income
  6. Education by exploring the key economic factors that drive the property market — demographic trends, supply vs demand, interest rate changes, land value
  7. Provides a clear pathway for your next step — e.g. buy (what kind of property, where to find it, what price range), hold / refinance / sell an underperforming asset to realise equity.

The possibilities are many – Property Plan brings clarity and direction

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

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