Independent Property Advice – Overview

Property Planning Australia offers genuinely personalised advice to assist you to make truly informed decisions.

The property advice industry is rife with advisors whose advice is tarnished by conflicted interests or who advocate a one-size-fits all formula.

Our approach is unique in that we first review your current position, evaluate your goals and determine the most suitable strategy to achieve your objectives. Our team consists of skilled analyst’s who have many years of experience in a range of fields all working to help achieve your goals.

Our Fee structure

At Property Planning Australia property advice is 100% independent. We do not sell property and we do not receive any fees from developers, real estate agents or any other third parties. We charge our clients a fee based on the type and level of service we provide to ensure our advice is squarely focused on your best interests.

We have a range of property services designed to suit your individual requirements.

The Property Plan process begins with a complimentary meeting to find out more about you. We first review your current financial position and property portfolio. We then develop a plan to show you how property can be used to achieve your personal and investment goals. Click here to find out more

Property Planning Australia has a full suite of services designed to help you make informed property decisions.

To discuss how Property Planning Australia can assist you please contact us.

Property Planning Australia partner with independent buyer and vendor advocates that are fully licensed estate agents and experts at property asset selection and/or negotiation.

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