Mortgage Strategy 101 – Ep 11. How to set Money Goals so that budgets are a thing of the past!

In our video series Mortgage Strategy 101 Ep. 11 David shares with you how you to set up your Money Goals so that you get weekly feedback on your ‘Fun’ (recreation) and ‘Life’ (variable necessities) spending from offset buckets within your Money Management System.

Budgets are simply a moment in time and need to become a permanent fixture within your Money Management System spreadsheet that is tweaked and updated as your fixed expenses change!

To learn more – contact us directly for a complimentary mortgage strategy meeting!

Our strategic broking service has no fee. We do all the analysis, strategy and leg work for you and have access to 50 lenders.

Step 1 – Plan – Understand you

Step 2 – Strategy – Determine the right mortgage strategy for you

Step 3 – Select – Select the appropriate lender with a great rate

Step 4 – Member – Ongoing strategy and support. We receive a fee from the lender, so we provide an ongoing service including our private banking team support

Why not have the best of both worlds –
The lenders service AND
A Strategic Mortgage Broker along with our private banking support ongoing!

For those of you looking for fiercely independent mortgage strategy advice, we also offer a fee for service option. We provided this option long before The Royal Commission into Banking was a thought bubble in some politicians mind!

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