How to resume home loan repayments if you’ve frozen your mortgage

David Johnston shares insights with Domain’s Kate Farrelly on “How to resume home loan repayments if you’ve frozen your mortgage”.

Many borrowers proactively battened down the hatches by freezing mortgage repayments before they were certain of the financial impact and have subsequently discovered it was not necessary. If you’ve found that your financial circumstances allow you to continue making repayments, you should consider restarting them, reviewing your refinance options, obtaining a lower repayment and build your cash buffer.

Risk management is one of our top 5 mortgage strategy categories and there are many ways you can manage risk by simply planning how you approach your mortgage in a more considered way. The banks have come to the rescue of many during these times, but with long term mortgage strategy and property planning, you can manage your own risk whilst creating wealth independently.

Watch our YouTube series Mortgage Strategy 101 for more information on risk management strategies.

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