Holistic Home Loan Advice – Overview

There is more to a home loan than simply getting the best interest rate but that is usually the focus of banks who are trying to sell you money. That’s right money is a commodity that is sold to you.

That’s why Property Planning Australia takes the time to analyse your personal circumstances, then develops a tailored Home Loan Plan that addresses many factors the banks often miss.

The Home Loan Plan is unique to Property Planning Australia. It is a complimentary report personalized to your individual circumstances. It will provide you with detailed information to help you make informed decisions.

Complimentary home and investment loan advice and service

Property Planning Australia does not charge you a fee for any of our home loan services. How are we able to achieve this?

As a full-service home loan advisor, Property Planning Australia does everything from assessing your situation, to applying for the loan on your behalf, to liaising with the lender and third parties until settlement and beyond.

By taking away a lot of their legwork, we’re saving lenders a significant amount of money. They don’t need to pay as many staff, have as many branches, and spend as much on staff training, office fitouts, equipment and IT systems.

In other words, it’s in lenders’ best interests to pay fees to home loan advisors like Property Planning Australia. Lenders have played a big part in encouraging the development of the broking industry. As a result, around 40 per cent of all loans in Australia now go through advisors.

Multi award winning service & advice

After developing a Home Loan Plan, Property Planning Australia’s advisors undertake a series of complex steps to source the most suitable property or loan for your current and longer-term requirements.

Attention to detail, skilled negotiation and thorough follow up during this part of the process can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Property Planning Australia appoints a dedicated member of our client services team to ensure that every step of your property transaction and/or loan application proceeds smoothly.

We liaise with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, accountants, municipal authorities and other key parties on your behalf to ensure everything is being attended to promptly and properly.

We contact you regularly to advise you of the progress and answer any queries or concerns – minimising your stress levels.

Australian Credit Licence

Property Planning Australia holds an Australian Credit Licence number 389112. The Australian Credit Licence is issued and regulated by ASIC and means consumers are protected when dealing with brokers and credit providers. Licence holders undergo a rigorous application and annual compliance process designed to ensure professional and ethical standards are adhered to. These include but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in credit activities efficiently, honestly, fairly
  • Complying with the ACL conditions
  • Complying with the credit laws
  • Having an adequate risk management system
  • Having adequate arrangements to deal with conflicts of interest
  • Having an internal dispute resolution procedure
  • Being a member of an external dispute resolution scheme
  • Ensuring that authorised credit representatives comply with the credit legislation
  • Training of representatives and responsible managers
  • Maintaining organisational competence
  • Having adequate financial, technological and human resources
  • Having adequate compensation arrangements
  • Ensuring that systems and processes comply with the credit law.

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